08 December 2019

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K.Arvind : A Cinematic Aviator!

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Simplicity personified that is K.Aravind for you. Totally unassuming, pleasant, with a genuine smile that reaches up to his eyes. A person who genuinely cares for humanity. Thats the impression one gets on meeting K.Arvind, cinematographer cum aviator.

 A graduate in Zoology from Pachaiappa’s college, Chennai, he went on to join the Film Institute to carve out a career in cinematography. The mega hit Dheena, starring Ajith Kumar, is one among many of his directorial ventures.

Aeromodelling had always been a passion for him, right from his school days, but he could not pursue it since it was, according to him, until recently, “a rich man’s game”. There were no hobby stores in those days. It was when he was shooting for a film, he couldn’t get right a particular shot. A camera crane is always tethered to the floor and it has its limitations. He wanted a camera that was highly versatile. That, was when his thoughts turned to his old passion, aero modeling.

He discovered to his dismay, that there was no support for training, purchase and maintenance of remote controlled equipments in India. So he was forced to learn the ropes and rudiments of areomodelling himself. He traveled abroad to learn the art and science of remote control modeling (RC). He realised that it was a serious hobby,, with a lot more leaning toward  engineering basics.

Finally, in the year 2008, after much persuasion from his friends, Arvind opened an exclusive store for aeromodelling and remote control equipment, Rotor Sport and Hobby, pvt ltd., based at Ashok Nagar., Chennai.

“It all started as an endeavour  for value addition to my film career, and I try to integrate both cinematography and aero modeling” smiles Arvind. He is one of the very few professionals offering aeromodelling service and support system in India. Arvind has to his credit that he introduced the first Raptor 30 Model in India. He started training and teaching others who shared his passion for the sport.

Rotor sport and Hobby pvt ltd is an outlet which will be of immense use to beginners and help those who are interested in RC modeling. The enterprise has both a retail and an online store, which sells and services all remote control cars, boats, planes and helicopters for both beginners and the experienced. Spare parts for each, too are sold here.

“Right approach, affordable costs, and good support are my manthras, says Arvind.

He loves imparting training and now he has donned the tutor’s cap in earnest to tutelage and train young minds interested in RC modeling. For many aeronautics students of prominent engineering colleges in the city, Arvind is the “guru”.He trains and provides insightful advice to students of Honeywell Aerospace and pilot learners in the air force too. Even gold medalists turn to Arvind for support.

Surveillance helicopter, a model designed by the students of Sathyabhama University received the best model Award in a recently concluded techno fest. All credit for this goes to Arvind.Celebrities of the celluloid world, like Ajith kumar, and R.Madhavan , are just two of his devoted pupils. He has formulated and designed a unique camera, helicam, to be used in the film industry. Yet another feather to his cap is that, he has signed a dealer ship contract with the renowned German company, Vario Helicopters, and  become one of the best RC helicopter dealers in the world.

Arvind , actor Ajith kumar, and another friend have jointly financed and designed the first ever exclusive RC helicopter runway in Melmaruvathur, 90 km away from Chennai. It spans an amazing 150 acres of land. Close to it is a lake too, for operating RC boats.

He asserts that this hobby helps to keep one occupied, alerts the motor senses, and helps top develop power of concentration. “It is a kind of meditation, operating an RC helicopter. It is similar to having a bowl of water in hand and trying to balance a wooden ball in it. Even the minutest mistake can destroy the equipment.”

A few setbacks that he has faced so far, is only with regard to customs officials. Sadly enough, they tend to classify RC helicopters as a toy and not a sport. Arvind is adamant about going the extra mile to get it categorised as an educational hobby or sport, so that the customs duty levied on it will be lowered, and the cost is minimised considerably. He is particular that all rules are to be followed diligently to make it a safe sport. There was a recent allegation on the grounds that RC helicopters can be used for terrorist activities, but Wings India intervened and convinced the Indian government that such rumors are not to be believed or given any heed to

Arvind’s latest directorial Vamana is all set for release. This is the first film to have utilized RC helicopters and helicams . He aspires to extend all support to his co-directors and friends in the film industry to make use of helicopter cameras. Twenty years into film making, Arvind’s pet dream is to take it one step at a time, to make RC helicopters a unique tool for the film industry. And also to popularize areomodelling  as a sport.

He has worked in lot of films in the Tamil film industry, and made over 500 TV commercials. It was Arvind who shot the first ever TV commercial for MRF , in the year 1989.He decided to quit the advertising industry solely because he realized it to be too pretentious and was hitting hard on the middle class.

Happily married to actress Vaishnavi, grand daughter of veteran actress Soukar Janaki, Arvind is blessed with two daughters. Striking a balance that is what Arvind’s life is all about; balancing a film career, and aero modeling, which is his passion,

May he soar higher and higher, on the wings of success.




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