28 May 2020

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An “Eggstravaganza” for Egg Lovers

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SME Eggsplore

An “Eggstravaganza” for Egg Lovers

It is the age of start-ups and entrepreneurship. New restaurants and food chains are innovating to get a foothold in the F&B industry and Eggsplore is a great example of food-innovation. Serving a variety of delicious and innovative dishes with eggs as the main ingredient, Eggsplore is a treat to food lovers, especially egg lovers. This fast-food chain started its journey in 2017 and has seen immense success in a short period. However, every business has its ups and downs. Here is Chandresh Kothari, a co-founder of Eggsplore, talking about his bittersweet journey with the business.

Establishment: Eggsplore was started by Chandresh Kothari, a businessman, Rakesh Rathi, a builder and Krishna Rander, who is a Chartered Accountant. Their rationale behind becoming “eggsplorers” is their love for eggs and the common desire of having a name in the F&B industry.

“Eggsplore is the brainchild of me and my partners and is the outcome of our common love for eggs. We, being a part of other kinds of businesses already, always wanted to get into the F&B segment since it was a common passion. It all started with our first branch in Malad, in November 2017. We are 10-months-old today with seven branches. The growth has been organic.”

“We named our business while designing the menu. The vast exploration we had to do to decide the menu we have today gave birth to the name. We think it is just apt for the brand”, says Chandresh Kothari, about the very attractive and innovative name “Eggsplore”.


Founders: (From left: Krishna Rander, Rakesh Rathi and Chandresh Kothari)

Competition: The Eggsplore team has always been extremely enthusiastic and optimistic about their business. They are of the opinion that positive attitude can take you places.

“I believe competition is healthy for every business. It always keeps you on your toes. To stand out, we make sure to keep innovating by adding fresh recipes, with a lot of variations in flavours and in taste. However, our existing business plan is to give our target customers a visual treat by capturing good social media attention and providing attractive deals and offers, thereby generating repeat business for us.”

Goals and Expansion Plans: Eggsplore founders say that their perpetual goal is to provide their customers with great service, and delicious and quality food at affordable prices. Also, Eggsplore continuously works towards coming up with a wide range of new and relishing preparations. The design and ambience of the restaurant also has an impact on the customers’ reviews.

“We wanted our outlets to be simple yet quirky. The idea was to keep the ambience fun and comfortable for all our customers.”

Eggsplore outlets are now set up in various localities in Mumbai, including Borivali East, Powai, Malad West and Andheri East. The founders have plans of soon expanding the business to various parts of the country.

We are looking forward to launching new outlets in Thakur Village in Kandivali East, Nagpur, Lucknow and Jaipur, which will open very soon. We are well-prepared to walk on the expansion path and are looking forward to the challenges along the way”, says an “egg-cited” Chandresh.


“Our own website and app for ordering food are soon to be launched. Thus, we will have a strong database of all the orders placed and accurate records. Also, this can solve the problem of miscommunication and help in improving employee productivity.”

Challenges: Every business has its own set of challenges. However, emerging from these challenges creates stronger businesses and successful entrepreneurs. Eggsplore and its founders too have experienced hassles in their journey in terms of investments, cash-flow, marketing and other aspects.

“Every entrepreneur faces financial crisis at some point. Businesses need cash injection to fulfil a myriad of requirements and to get resources. Same was the case with Eggsplore. A common difficulty was not having a great idea on how to market and promote the business.

Also, with eggs being the main ingredient – Chandresh mentions – “We love eggs and had the idea of doing something with this superstar ingredient. The yolk is high in cholesterol, but it is scientifically proven that if you consume cholesterol-rich food, your liver produces less cholesterol, so technically there’s no harm done.  The start-up process was difficult on various levels, but we have enjoyed the journey so far. “

Adding further to his take on challenges and hassles of starting a business, Chandresh says,

“The F&B industry has seen numerous food start-ups launching with clear planning and utmost excitement. Some get a hold on the market while others shut down because of numerous challenges. When you start a new business, there will be difficulties. But that’s when it’s the most fun.”

“Each business needs to have a marketing plan that suits the uniqueness of that business. Understanding your target consumer and creating a marketing strategy that best suits your business is important. This will not only improve your sales but also help you to not waste your material and non-material resources.”

Delivery Logistics: Logistics play a major role in any consumer-driven business.  Specifically, In the restaurant business, it is necessary to have an efficient logistics for the food to be delivered hot and fresh. Small businesses usually have a limited budget and having their own logistics can be expensive. Partnering with logistics providers is a solution. It can be beneficial for a growing business - the time and resources required to implement effective logistics can be saved by outsourcing them.

“Having your own delivery logistics system is a lot of work. We are associated with Swiggy, Zomato and Foodpanda, and we are currently happy with our delivery partners. They are very professional and as long as our customers are happy, it is all good.”

Undoubtedly, there will be hassles in starting and running a business. But passion is the key.  Chandresh Kothari admits to having faced troubles in his journey of “eggsploration”, and in his opinion, having a positive approach to things and being optimistic can help one solve problems. In his giveaway to budding entrepreneurs about how to overcome the hassles of a start-up, Chandresh says,

“The recipe is very simple: Take your work seriously, be open to learning something new every day and enjoy what you do!”

Office Trends to Watch Out for in 2018!

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Workplace Trends

Office Trends to Watch Out for in 2018!

Workplaces have to constantly adapt to the changing times if they are to remain relevant. Social trends along with innovations in technology have led to a rapid paradigm shift in the way office environments are being shaped up. Regulations and changes in Human Resource laws too are influencing the working of workplaces. These changes are reforming the work of the Human Resources department of companies. They have to make sure that employees adapt to the changes seamlessly and ensure in the least disruption while preparing for changes. Read on to know more about some of the major workplace trends that are predicted to be embraced globally this year –


  • Greener workspaces: Companies will strive to provide a greener and healthier working environment for employees. It is known that the ambience of the place greatly affects productivity. Giving your office a green makeover will and incorporating sustainable practices such as recycling and using natural lighting and cooling systems in cabins will go a long way in decreasing your environmental footprint. It also saves energy costs. You are directly Investing in the health of your employees and this ensures an increase in their satisfaction and productivity. Including your employees in planting pots around will make them feel involved and happier.
  • Digitalizing work environments: Workspaces will become more and more digital.  With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), offices are gearing up to make themselves more adaptable to digital workspaces. Workers are demanding for technology to make their office tasks easier and faster. Making all the data and applications needed for them to complete their daily tasks accessible from any device is the crux of digital workspaces.  Employees today want to have the freedom of being able to work from anywhere. This mobility naturally needs that the workspaces be digitalized. This unified approach will ensure faster completion of tasks.
  • Wellbeing practices: More and more organizations are conducting wellness programs and activities to ensure the wellbeing of their employees. Most workspaces these days also have yoga centres, prayer rooms and recreational activities to help the employees unwind while at work and to keep stress at bay. For most people, the major source of stress is work-related. Therefore, it makes sense that the mental health of employees is being emphasized on. Healthy employees mean a healthy growth of your business. Many companies also have food counters that provide healthy, customised food for employees.
  • Upskilling instead of hiring: Businesses are focussing on reskilling existing employees instead of mindlessly hiring new employees to cut down on costs. According to a report by IBM, it was found out that with appropriate training, there was a 10% increase in productivity at the year-end. There is a major skills gap that is sweeping the industry right now and it will only get worse if employees aren’t adequately trained. According to a report by McKinsey, 82% of surveyed executives at top companies believe that upskilling is at least half the answer to the threat of skills gap.
  • More diversity in workplaces: Many top organisations are striving more than ever to diversify their workplace as much as possible. There are employee support groups being set up in offices. Diversity in ethnicity, age and gender will be greatly encouraged while hiring employees. This not ensures fairness, but also the growth of business because now there are perspectives and different ideas from varied backgrounds. A significant mixture of these diversities will bring in fresh ideas and innovations. Managers should have the skill to be able to bring out the best from people regardless of their background.

  • Increased age of retirement: Many employees are working beyond the age of 65.  So be prepared to work with an even more diverse workforce! Not only are people working past the age of 65, but many of them are even re-entering the industry. Experience definitely counts, and this will benefit newer employees wanting to learn from and get a different perspective on things. A retirement study taken in 2017 in America showed that more than 40% of people who worked beyond 65 did so because they enjoyed the work. A study by Pew Research predicts that by the year 2050, around 1.5 billion people will be working beyond the age of 65.

  • Co-working spaces: More businesses today are open to the idea of shared workspaces than ever before. Co-working helps build a connected community and a healthy working environment. These are mostly used by start-ups because the flexibility suits them well. Another important aspect is reduced costs. Most people are open to the idea of meeting people from diverse working backgrounds at common spaces in the office to discuss ideas or engage in hearty banter.

So these we were some of the major changes in workplaces that companies and employees will have to brace themselves for this year. Since many of businesses have adopted agile practices in their operations, adapting to these changes will not be an issue.

Brand of Affordable Salons: Glam Studios Raises Funding for Angel Round

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The latest entrant to the start-up ecosystem, Glam Studios is all set to revolutionize the way the beauty industry works in India. The company has just raised an Angel Round of INR 2cr from Pradeep Mirani and existing investors (Aqeel Ahmed, Anand Ladsariya and Nitin Agarwal). The round was organised by I Plan Wealth Management. Glam Studios had earlier raised seed funding of undisclosed amount in January 2016, which it used to launch and scale up to 30 salons and create a cloud based salon management system.

Jashn.com - The Ethnic Wear Destination

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There are many online stores that sell clothing on the internet, however only a few make an impact.  Many are just copies of popular stores with hassled delivery and customer services.  It is quite difficult to convince Indian customers about the authenticity of the sites and create a feeling of loyalty in them.  Jashn.com, the modern ethnic retail brand has been successful in this task and is going forward without a glitch.   Jashn is into sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis, indo-western and traditional outfits.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 January 2016 19:17 )

Entrepreneurs from the Health Sector

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The Health Sector in India is a promising sector for entrepreneurs as there is a wide gap between demand and supply in this field. While there is a huge scope for building new enterprises, innovative businesses and many more, many people are not foreseeing the opportunity in front of them. Many who have taken a plunge into the field have written many success stories, but there are many others expecting better governmental policies, investments and supports.

Questions you must ask yourself before starting your own venture

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In today's world, it is not very difficult to start a business. Several experienced professionals and many youngsters, some even when they are studying, start their own ventures with the hope of building a huge business. Regulations are friendlier, funding is easy and mentors are also available. As a result, there are many start ups mushrooming in various sectors in different parts of the country every week. But how many of these start ups really succeed and make a mark? How many of them live to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Hardly any!

Start Up Team- Success or Deadweight?

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A start up team is really important and core to the success of your idea. Yes, working out of a garage with cool bosses and weird timings sounds just great and appealing to most youngsters. Energetic and fresh ideas brought in by team members can really life your start up idea to the next level or sink it to the bottom of the easy-to-forget lake. Your start up team is core to the success of your idea. Many a time rookie mistakes in hiring ensure that the idea sinks before it even has a chance to see the light of the day.

Connecting Patients and Health Care Providers

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In the ever changing world of internet based services, a new doctor appointment portal is slowly but surely making heads turn. HelpingDoc, founded by Amit Bansal in 2011 is a doctor appointment portal providing a gateway for healthcare providers to connect to their patients. Users can book appointments online and reminders will be sent as SMS for both the patient and the doctor. Patients are also able to review the doctor’s performance and give feedback. For them it very much improves their chance to get easy access a doctor in their own locality.

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