14 December 2019

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Obeetee Accesses US Market With HD Video

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Obeetee Inc, a premier importer and distributor of fine Indian handmade carpets, uses LifeSize high definition video communications to bring their luxury carpets from rural India to US trade show.

Obeetee Private Ltd. is located in Mirzapur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Founded in 1920, the company manufactures and globally distributes exquisite hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flat-woven floor coverings.Obeetee Inc is a New York based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Obeetee Private Ltd, with showrooms in New York and Atlanta.Obeetee is engaged in international marketing with quality standards, professional management and having a computerised design department.The company prides itself for being at the cutting edge of technology and has been a frontrunner in the industry in meeting its social obligations towards employees as well as society and the environment.The company employees 1100 workmen in its factory and provides gainful employment to more than 30,000 artisans in the rural areas for carpet weaving and processing.

Business Challenge

In order to bridge the gap between US based customers of Obeetee Inc. and Mirzapur, India based Obeetee Private Ltd, the company wanted buyers to understand the strengths of the latter and the value of doing business with India’s largest and most profession¬ally run carpet manufacturing organisation. This exchange was set to take place from the showroom of Obeetee Inc. located at the Merchandising Mart in Atlanta, Georgia during the carpet trade fair known as the Atlanta Rug Market.

High Definition Video at Obeetee

The Obeetee management team needed to do the few operational innovation in order to achieve their business expansion objectives. The management understood that they need to display a large range of products for its programme line limited editions (one-of-a-kind pieces), a very large space would need to be rented for the showroom in the Atlanta Merchandising Mart, and managers and designers from India needed to travel to the US. This required investment of fairly sum to showcase and highlight the USPs of products in front of the customers.

Live demonstrations of carpet weaving on looms by skilled artisans and workers were to be organised to educate the customers on the realities of handmade carpet weaving. This could be a great value add in terms of showcasing the company’s strengths among its potential customers.

All of these logistical elements, though necessary, would prove to be prohibitively expensive. A solution would combine the presence of sample merchandise in Atlanta to allow customers to touch and feel the fine quality carpets while providing the opportunity for customers, designers and production executive to interact face-to-face while surveying the extensive line of unique wares on-site in India.

Solution offered

After consulting with Plus Business Machines Limited, a leading provider of high-technology solutions for India, Obeetee selected LifeSize Express as the solution that best suited their needs. The point-to-point HD video communications system from LifeSize allowed them to connect directly to their headquarters in Mirzapur, India and simultaneously with their factory and production units while offering a fully immersive high definition experience to the customer in Atlanta. Simply by using a public internet connection, readily available at their booth at the trade show in Atlanta, sales executives at Obeetee were able to give existing and potential customers a truly hands-on experience. With the quality of LifeSize high definition video, colors were vivid and crisp and the detail of the hand-woven masterpieces could be easily examined, even down to the most intricate threading and detail work within each carpet’s unique design.“In spite of the use of just a public internet connection with limited bandwidth, the images were clear and bright,” said Edward Oakley, Chairman, Obeeteee INC.

The Post deployment RoI

By linking the two sites, Obeetee was able to address the upscale clientele at the trade show effectively by allowing buyers to have an intimate, one-on-one experience. Instead of simply looking at pictures in a sample book, buyers were able to discuss color, design, materials and texture with the designers in India who made the works of art thousands of miles away.

“LifeSize helped us generate greater sales and greater customer satisfaction,” Oakley said, “With LifeSize, you really can be in two places at once,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of LifeSize Communications. “Obeetee is a great example of how a company, based thousands of miles away, can actually get business done faster by significantly reducing the need to travel and ship goods. It’s just that simple.”



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