10 December 2019

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Innovative Gadgets with Brilliance

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Champ AlrejaSound Engineer turned entrepreneur, Champ Alreja conceptualized HitPlay in Jan 2006. With two years of putting the organic plan into place, HitPlay came into being with Champ’s intention of providing quirky innovative products that would simplify and liven our daily needs.

HItPlay, an electronics retail organization that spends its waking hours in creating gadgets and lifestyle accessories to 'enhance the way we function'. While most feel that brilliance is like fuel to technology, the company choose to take things a step further and apply non-conformist brilliance to its products.

“It’s ironical, but we like to unfold the simplicity within technology hitting at its potential to gravitate. That's a mission that defines our smallest efforts,” says Champ Alreja


Over years of recordings with some 5 day sleepless nights in the music business over working with artists like Anu Malik, Anand Raj Anand, Vishal Shekhar, Bryan Adams, etc. Champ decided to drop his headphones for being an entrepreneur. He was trained in the family business of garment manufacturing and exports working for Abercrombie & Fitch in Bangalore and has hands-on experience in production from weaving cotton thru manufacturing and exporting out the final product.

Taking all of this experience and passion for gadgetery that ran in his blood from age 2, when he made his first lego model, Champ hit upon a business idea on his father’s birthday.

As Champ describes it, “It happened when I had gifted my father a World Space Radio. The day it was installed I wanted to listen to it in the shower. It was quite a task to get a wire running through the rooms and connect to the sound system in my bathroom. I started looking for an FM transmitter with the idea that my entire house would receive WorldSpace Sat Radio via any FM Radio. Not being able to find a decent high quality transmitter in India, I decided to look over at RadioShack online. While doing this, the idea of selling high quality gadgets in India came upon me. That’s when HitPlay was created.”

The brand HitPlay stands for the following: Hit – for ‘Push, Force, Press upon, etc. Play – for ‘Moving forward in the right direction and at the right pace’ The name is non-generic, youthful, enthusiastic and describes Champ’s background. The logo is designed around the name and products look sharp and modern.

HitPlay offers a variety of gadgets, accessories, lifestyle and party products. HitPlay is moving from the original business plan of selling life simplifying products relevant to bookstores at Bookstores, relevant to music stores at music stores, etc. to establishing itself as an online store selling the most innovative products in the world via their website www.hitplay.in. Some of these are released at the same time across the world and some customized by HitPlay for the Indian market.

Currently, the brand sells over 300 products and is expected to grow into 600 in a month. Their clients include, gadget freaks, individuals looking for a cool gift or even corporates regularly seeking something innovative and unique for their clients.

HitPlay is also creating high tech bespoke merchandise for film and various institutions.



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