08 April 2020

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Start Up Team- Success or Deadweight?

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A start up team is really important and core to the success of your idea. Yes, working out of a garage with cool bosses and weird timings sounds just great and appealing to most youngsters. Energetic and fresh ideas brought in by team members can really life your start up idea to the next level or sink it to the bottom of the easy-to-forget lake. Your start up team is core to the success of your idea. Many a time rookie mistakes in hiring ensure that the idea sinks before it even has a chance to see the light of the day.

When it comes to start ups, a team can make it or break it. Unlike corporate companies, startups do not have a structure or system that ensures stability in work environment. What makes startups exciting is that they thrive in chaos and work for freedom. To make sure that every bit they do makes a difference and produces powerful results you need a team of people who can make use of everything that is thrown at them and still execute with power. So here are the 5 things you need in a startup team to make it big.


A great start up is driven by a great vision of the future. Some startups go all out in hiring skilled workers to make their vision a reality but unfortunately, workers can only follow instructions or at the most just represent your start up as a name but they cannot necessarily make a great vision a reality. The only people who can add value to your vision are visionaries themselves. You need visionaries to help you strategize and bring in necessary shifts to make your vision a reality. Only visionaries know the true value of a vision and can always find a way to give it all they have to make it happen.

Work with freedom

One of the things a startup truly cannot afford is people who need to be managed constantly. A startup requires your time to be invested in many different areas like networking, market visibility, branding strategies and many other things. For startups to be able to invest their time and efforts in developing and growing they need to have people who can work with freedom rather than requiring to be managed for everything. People who have the ability to work with freedom tend to take responsibility of producing results. They don’t need to be told to correct their mistakes every time; they make sure they develop themselves to be better today than they were yesterday at doing anything. These are the kind of people a startup truly requires to grow.


Like any firm or company, even start ups call for team meets to discuss and plan for growth. However, a startup up team cannot afford members just attending the meet. It needs members to participate actively and add value. The one good thing about having enthusiasts in your team is that they participate, in any role and in any situation. Enthusiasts bring in an energy that will help you get work done and get it done effectively.


One of the most important things that help a startup grow to its complete potential is the ability to utilize opportunities available to them. For this, you need a set of people who can spot these opportunities for your start up to utilize. There are people who go to big networking events with thousands of participants and come back with no connections and there are people who go to a movie and come back with a meeting set up because they overheard a conversation and spotted an opportunity your start up can utilize. Startups need to keep looking for opportunities to add and generate value and you need real opportunists to spot them for you.


An MNC can have a sales executive but what a startup truly needs is people who have the ability to connect with people and influence. Influencers always tend to understand the intent behind doing something. Be it the intent of the startup itself or the intent of the client. Influencer’s don’t waste time in convincing their audience, they spend time in connecting to the audience or client's intent and show how much value they can generate from the start up.


About Author: Amit Punjabi is the founder of Sankalp Academy. He is a certified NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner & Life Coach / Strategist who has trained over 17,000 people. He also has personally led and mentored organizations, individuals, students & professionals.


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