16 December 2019

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The Entrepreneur Couple

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Gurpreet Singh (Left) & Anisha Singh (Right)Entrepreneurship is a passion. It has its own flavours. It can be best understood by knowing about -- the entrepreneur couple. Meet Mr Gurpreet Singh and Ms Anisha Singh who are a working couple from New Delhi, but one common interest -- entrepreneurship, sets them apart from others.

Gurpreet is a creative thinker, a communication designer and an entrepreneur involved with various design ventures for over 12 years. Gurpreet is the Founder & CEO of Pixpa – www.pixpa.com , India’s first-of-its-kind online service that enables creative professionals to showcase, sell and share their works with style and simplicity.

Anisha is the Founder and CEO of Letternote, a Product Design Brand that creates work and play tools. Anisha’s leadership, creative inputs and strategic vision has made Letternote a design-driven distinctive brand.

In an exclusive interaction with Small Enterprise India (dot) com, they shared about the key drivers of their interest.

The excerpts:

1. As an entrepreneur couple, what challenges and opportunities you faced during your initial days of foraying into entrepreneurship?

After many years of working in Communications Design, the next step was to branch towards product design. The idea was to create products that had as much weight in their ‘purpose’ or ‘functionality’ as in their visual appeal. LetterNote products are designed to be simple, functional and minimalist. We have launched with Fine Stationery and are looking towards evolving a range of work and play tools.

LetterNote is a platform for us to experiment and create products that we believe in and would like to use ourselves. The challenge is to build LetterNote as a brand and create a lasting connection with our consumers.

2.What scope and potential does Indian online industry carries for entrepreneurs?

Young Indian entrepreneurs are looking at the online marketplace to launch new ventures.
It was a conscious decision to start the LetterNote online store as soon as we launched, because we wanted each person who came to the LetterNote website, to be able to shop for our products as well. Doing business online boosts sales and we wanted to use the power of social media marketing to draw more visitors to our site – shop.letternote.com.

3.Online payment, online shopping holds huge potential in the overall fate of this trade. What do you think about it?

With more and more Indians buying products online, I feel online stores are gaining in popularity. The convenience of reviewing a wide range of products from the comfort of your home, paying online at the click of a button and the product being delivered to your doorstep in a few days makes online shopping a great experience.  Also a lot of stores accept all major Indian / International credit cards, debit cards and also offer a Cash on Delivery option. So whether it is shopping for books, videos/ dvd’s, phones, accessories or booking tickets for travel, online shopping is the way to go.

4.Globally Indian are considered as a good quality of workers. DO you think that this perception should get changed to good quality of entrepreneurs as well.

I feel we crossed that mark a long time ago. Several young Indian entrepreneurs across the world are doing exceedingly well in their businesses.

5.Please elaborate your next level strategy?

We launched LetterNote three months ago and have received an overwhelming response from both individuals and corporates on social media platforms. We now plan to make LetterNote products available in retail stores across the country.

6.What message would you like to send across to your peers?


The Indian market is conducive to new business ideas and that is the reason for the success of start-up ventures. A great idea coupled with a smart go-to-market strategy and business plan is crucial to a successful venture.

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