24 January 2020

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SutraLite.com: The 'Sutra' of Cost Effective Recruitment

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From the Editor's Desk

In our ‘occupied’ life, many believe that work is worship, and it is their workmanship that brings in productivity to the job front. To have such people, who worship their job in the organisations’ fold, is the dream of every employer!Now, what would be your take, if a ‘Sutra’ to rope in the best talents is available at a ‘click’ away? Well that is what SutraLite.com is all about! The very tagline of SutraLite "Save Money Hire Many" brings in the essence of SutraLite’s service.

The SutraLite founders, Waqar Azmi and Jay Thaker interact with Krishnakumar. C. K., Editor, Small Enterprise India, and shares the concepts and vision behind the Sutralite.com.

SutraLite is a low cost recruitment service that aims to help SMEs and Startups in India to meet the recruitment requirements. Getting the right talent in a cost effective way has always been a constant worrisome aspect for all.  Besides unlike giant corporate, Start ups do not have the luxury to splurge on the recruitment processes. So here comes the major role that SutraLite can play.

The founders of SutraLite Waqar Azmi and Jay Thaker have prior experience starting up new age ventures like SutraJob and SutraHR. Both these ventures too cater to the small business recruitment space.

The duo say that lack of a reliable yet affordable recruitment service for SMEs and Startups, was instrumental in starting SutraLite. “Although there is no dearth of recruitment consultants for startups in the market, quality of these services is questionable. It is fairly easy to start a recruitment consultancy, there is no basic requirement in terms of experience or knowledge, as a result a lot of these services don't give quality results” add Waqar and Jay.

They also feel that the SMEs and Start ups in India are bogged down by problems related to recruitment. “In spite of the presence of thousands of recruitment consultants, and several popular job portals, the SMEs/Startups in urban India continue to face major recruitment problems. Some of the key issues are cost, speed, service quality and delivery guarantee”.

“This prompted us to think of a compact, yet functional solution that is very affordable but doesn’t compromise on quality”.

They further explain the working principle of SutraLite. “SutraLite is a fee service that does not charge clients based on the salary offered to the candidate or the number of candidates hired. It’s an extremely cost effective alternative to using expensive Job Portals or Recruitment Consultants who charge a commission per hired candidate”.
“SutraLite ensures relevant exposure of your job on various paid and free online resources. The recruitment specialists on board SutraLite filter every job application (CV) before sending the shortlisted ones to the client/s. If needed, it will also manage prior tele-interview screening of each shortlisted candidate, and ensures that they reach the client’s office for an interview”.

The founders say that they did a market research prior t the launch of SutraLite to assess the market potential. They used the network of existing clients and contacts they established through the previous ventures SutraJob, and SutraHR. They say that the industry experience they have and the thorough understandings of the client’s needs related to recruitment helped them lot to fine tune the ideas of SutraLite.com.

Some excerpts from the interview:

1. What is the USP of SutraLite?

There are 2 USPs. Lower Cost, and Better Service. Unlike any other service we deliver guaranteed results which nobody can offer currently.

2. What is special about the title SutraLite?

'Sutra' in Sanskrit means a common thread which binds things together and 'Lite' is to denote that it’s inexpensive. We are also very passionate about our tag line which is "Save Money Hire Many" cause that captures the essence of our service.

3. What were the major challenges that you have faced in starting Sutralite?

Every new service faces its share of challenges, and we faced them too. But there is nothing extraordinary about these challenges for us to mention them, as such. One notable challenge is convincing potential clients about the value of this “prepaid” service, because everyone is too used to the post paid consultant model or classified job advertising.

4. Was finance a constraint for you? How did you manage to raise the capital?

Not really. We already had a profitable business in the form of Sutra HR running from before. Through our existing resources of SutraHR and the available infrastructure there, we’ve managed well without any external capital requirements.

5. What all marketing strategies you have formulated to reach out to the proposed clients?

To begin with, we’re relying on local search providers and online yellow pages services, for lead generation.
We’re also in the process of having strategic tie-ups with commercial business centers which house SME offices.
Other than this we have been networking with entrepreneurs, small companies on social media platforms like Twitter and Linkedin.

6. Are you targeting Startup companies only or do you provide services to large enterprises as well?

Currently we are providing services only to smaller companies in India. This is mainly as larger companies have their own HR departments and often spend on  expensive advertisements. There are large number of candidates that want to get into these companies so their recruitment becomes fairly easier.

7. Do you have separate department that handles data management?

We have two departments; one is the business development department which manages acquiring and servicing clients. The other is the recruitment campaign department that works on the clients requirements ie sourcing the candidates and resume screening.

8. How do you ensure you always get the updated resumes of candidates?

The only way to do this is to ask the candidates word and rely on them.

9. Can you shed some light on resume filtering?

Filtering resumes is often considered to be easy. We don’t follow a typical filter for judging resumes. We add a human element, we treat screening resumes as an art.

We gauge candidates on the basis of various factors like previous education trend, what projects he did in his previous job, nature of his work. Depending on these factors some estimate of his potential is made.

Generally resumes can’t be judged on face value, because the applicant may not be a great resume writer but can be a great employee, so we don't want the client to lose out on these!

10. What is your take on the overall scope for start up companies in India?

There is no limit to it. India is such a huge market. For any business there is always a market for it.
We feel that there is a need for a common place where startups and SME professionals in India can come and discuss their ideas, share problems, offer solutions and forge partnerships. Towards this we have created a LinkedIn group called SME's & Startups, India.

11. Will India see a boom in entrepreneurship in the next 3 to 5 years?

India has been traditionally a very entrepreneurial country. Various people of our country like the Marwaris and Gujaratis are known for starting companies and businesses. While the entrepreneurial nature is ingrained scaling the business is something that they need to learn. Definitely in the next 3 to 5 years the boom will be bigger than the dotcom boom.


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