10 December 2019

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Go Vasool.com: Setting New Trends in Online Shopping

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Go Vasool.com is a local shopping and reverse auction marketplace founded by two young entrepreneurs, Aditya Bhamidipaty, and Srikanth Chunduri. The enterprising duo, Aditya Bhamidipaty (Co-founder & CEO) has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, and  Srikanth holds a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) from Duke University, North Carolina and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.


Prior to launching GoVasool.com, Aditya was a Senior Manager at iGATE Global Solutions in London wherein he handled Business Development for UK and Western Europe. Aditya also worked with Proctor & Gamble for about 3 years as a Senior Manager.Srikanth was a Management Consultant at Mitchell Madison Group in New York, wherein he advised his clients on spend management and strategic sourcing including negotiating bulk supply contracts with vendors,  prior to launching GoVasool.com.

Go Vasool.com is a shopping utility that helps consumers find what they want in their city and shop for them in a convenient way. GoVasool.com helps consumers get access to prices from local stores and transact via internet or phone. It is driven by the idea that shopping can be more convenient & fun, while saving a lot of money, time and effort for the value-conscious Indian consumer.

“Today, when one wants to buy any product (say a TV or a Mobile or a Laptop), one can never be sure if one did indeed get the right deal on the product. With so many stores - each claiming to offer the best discounts, there is a thick clutter in the market and it’s never easy to know if you did indeed utilise the best discounts that stores in your city have to offer! Plus, it can be disappointing to realise later that a friend of yours was able to bargain and get a better price than you because he/she was a better negotiator.

This is where GoVasool steps in” opines Aditya . “We make the entire buying process smooth for you and ensure that you have peace of mind even in complex purchases. Plus, we are always there for post-sale support and ensure that you get proper help & support on your product – which typically is not supported by many stores” both Aditya and Shrikanth added.

Both Aditya and Srikanth faced many challenges in the initial phase.

“As we started on our journey of building this company, a big test for our concept was when we were selling it to our vendor partners to sign up with GoVasool.com. Before we approached vendors to sign up and list their products with us, we invested a lot of time understanding the vendor’s business and were able to clearly draw out the value add to them. Our dedication and persistence paid off and today, we have some of the largest & most popular stores of Bangalore listed with us”, says Aditya.

Srikanth Chunduri- Co founder& & Head of Marketing

Srikanth Chunduri feels that one of the key challenges they faced was in finding the right team members who are passionate about the business and have the risk appetite to work with startups. “Working with startups can provide one with the best learning curve in whichever function one chooses to start contributing to. What is required though is an overdose of passion and commitment to ride along the curve. Finding folks with a good mix of aptitude and attitude was definitely a challenge we faced initially” says Srikanth.

Can you share with us what marketing strategies you have adopted?

"Before adopting any particular marketing strategy we spend quite a few months just interacting with potential customers. In fact, many aspects of our product design today have been generated by our potential customers. We built a product that our customers wanted, and as we became live, more and more people saw the value in our service and spread the word for us" the duo say.

How did you manage to meet the financial requirements?

"Initial financing at GoVasool.com comprised a mix of money from angel investors and personal finances. We have raised cash to enable product launch, business development and marketing for the short-medium term", Aditya adds.

The duo say that their vision is to build a sustainable business that is aimed at being a ubiquitous shopping utility for all Indians. They wish to expanding to newer geographies and product categories as consumer demand raises for specific services across geographies. “Over the next few years, we will be serving most cities in India and serving a larger range of customer needs” says Aditya.


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