05 December 2019

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‘The Second Gear': Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shift Gears to the Next Level of Business

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From the Editor's Desk

G.K. Pramod, known as ‘GK’  among the professional circle is a first generation entrepreneur, and is the author of 'The Second Gear', Strategising Business growth Plan for Micro Entrepreneurs. The Second Gear is a repository of essential business information with case studies of proven success stories of Micro Entrepreneurs. In an exclusive interview with Krishnakumar C.K., Editor, Small Enterprise India, G.K. Pramod shares the inspiration and the drive within to put his efforts to pen The Second Gear, and his, passion towards various aspects of entrepreneurship.

GK has to his credit many entrepreneurial assignments undertaken in the international markets and is an expert in the arena of Business Growth Programmes for Micro Entrepreneurs. Being an authority in Business Growth Programmes, he is closely associating with RUDSETI(Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute) Mysore, and other oragnisations to uphold the cause of entrepreneurship.

1. Please tell us briefly about the The Second Gear.

GK: The MSMEs in India lacks a clear cut strategic business growth plan and vision. They are greatly in need of a helping hand in the areas related to systematic approach towards optimised business growth plans. Here comes the strategic role that The Second Gear can play.

I have been associating with Micro Entrepreneurs for quite a long time. Second Gear is conceived as a result of my dedicated effort and coaching programmes for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that I have conducted over a period  of more than seven years.

The Second Gear can be used as a practical guide for all MSMEs, NGOs, and Banks, and Financial Institutions. This is a ‘Second Gear’ for the MSMEs to shift from their current level to the next level through a systematic approach.
The uniqueness of this book is, it is written in lay man’s language. So anyone with basic understanding of English can easily understand, and interpret the ideas mentioned.  

2. What exactly prompted you to author The Second Gear?

GK: The astonishing results of my experiments and coaching programmes for the MSMEs are the driving force that helped me to conceptualise The Second Gear. The results of all the coaching programmes are highly promising. My vision is to create an Eco system for Micro Entrepreneurs where in they can identify the core areas where they can nurture their business.

Besides I have been receiving tremendous support and encouragement from Dr. Veerendra Heggede, and RUDESETI Mysore to come up with a practical guide for MSMES that would help and guide them to strategise their business plans. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Veerendra Heggede, and RUDESETI for all the sincere support and true encouragement I received from them towards authoring The Second Gear. In association with RUDSETI, I conducted a special programme for a group of Micro Entrepreneurs in Mysore. The success of this programmes prompted me to conceptualise The Second Gear, with case studies of thriving Micro Entrepreneurs.

 3. What role can The Second Gear take to motivate the budding entrepreneurs?

GK: The case studies of proven successful entrepreneurs listed in The Second Gear will be a motivating force for all the budding entrepreneurs. The Second Gear being a practical guide, anyone with an entrepreneurial buzz can use it to tap the potential of their business plans and ideas. They can go through the case studies and interpret the strategies each successful Micro Entrepreneurs implemented.
4. Why is the special emphasis on the Micro Entrepreneurs?

GK: What I feel is that the Micro Entrepreneurs are being looked down upon greatly. This scenario has to be changed. The immense potential the Micro Entrepreneurs have, if tapped properly, I am sure that the result would be phenomenal. I strongly believe in the uniqueness of individuals. I have seen the results of the coaching programmes myself. So I am simply passionate towards the Micro Entrepreneurs.
5. In what all ways this book can provide insights to the entrepreneurs?

GK: Since The Second Gear is a practical guide with proven success of entrepreneurs, this will motivate the entrepreneurs to look into the deeper aspects of business strategies.
6. Do you feel that the MSME segment in India lack clear cut strategies on business aspects? If so what are the major reasons for it?

GK: Yes, there exists a huge vacuum among the MSEMEs as far as proper information and strategies are concerned. Lack of information on various aspects of business hampers the growth potential of MSMES. What is the real need of the hour is a single window of information where the MEMEs can bank on. Even though government has many policies and schemes for the MSMEs very few are aware of it. This information gap has to be plugged.

7. What are the best possible ways to encourage entrepreneurship in India?

GK: A lot of result oriented awareness programmes have to be carried out from the grass root level to bring the MESMEs to the forefront. Workshops/seminars, special meets etc have to be carried out from Panchayath level to state level, nationally. 

Another important strategy is creating incubators to mould entrepreneurs. Educational institutions can play a major role this aspect. If entrepreneurship buzz among the students is identified at an early stage, no doubt that there will be a boom in the birth of creative entrepreneurs.
Besides banks and financial institutions can lend a helping hand to entrepreneurs by coming out with MSME friendly schemes.

 8. How fertile is the Indian scenario for the start up ventures?

GK: The time is ripe for any start up ventures in India.  India’s intellectual infrastructure is too strong promising. This intellectual infrastructure is the uniqueness of India. What the start ups need is a ‘Second Gear’ to shift to the next level of business business tarmac.

We have many problems existing in various fields. My take on this situation is, convert the problems to challenges and convert the challenges to opportunities. This should be our Mantra for excellence. The findings in The Second Gear add cement to this.

9. As a person who is well versed, and specialised in entrepreneurial aspects, what message do you have for the entrepreneurs?

GK: As I mentioned earlier each individual has his/her own uniqueness. Identify the uniqueness within you, and nurture it. Then you can easily come out with gamut of business ideas. Listen to your inner voice and act accordingly.

What I feel is that people have lots of ideas, but somewhere they lack the potential to implement it. Believe in yourself and come out f your shell and think boldly and pro-actively, definitely you can tread through the path of success. Our life is not a cake walk, but if you have the determination and will power to turn the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ then nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.   



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