24 January 2020

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'Yongsters Contribute Extensively Towards the Entrepreneurial Trend'

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"Most of the youngsters today wish to become entrepreneurs and they are ready to take the risks. Gone are the days when the  youths were opting for government jobs as a secure place. Today they aim for maximum outputs in minimum time" says Fr.Jose Pulloppillil, Director Nirmala School of Business and Finance, Muvattupuzha, Kerala in an interview with Small Enterprise India.com

How do you see today’s youth welcoming the idea of entrepreneurship?

An attraction for entrepreneurship is a recent trend among the educated youth. A few years ago the approach towards entrepreneurship was different. Those who were bright at studies pursue for higher degrees and get comfortably placed with some reputed employers. But today many youngsters have decided to become entrepreneurs and are ready to take the  risks. Gone are the days when the  youths opting for government jobs as a secure place. Today they aim for maximum outputs in minimum time.

Do you think the slowdown of market has fuelled the trend?

To a certain extend….but not fully. Many other factors are also fuelling it like the success stories they are seeing around. Things like scarcity of high rewarding jobs, a feeling of getting squeesed out in the private sectors and moreover a too early resentment to career have clubbed with the job security threats we witnessed during the economic slowdown ignited the trend.

Are these entrepreneurs becoming successful?

It’s a universal theory -the survival of the fittest. If you are employed in a company, and not keeping up to the expectations of the management, you will be thrown out. Similarly if you don’t have a flair for business or if you are not channelising your potentials to your enterprise, you will be a failure. Those who are ready to work hard and dedicate their energies for their ventures will definitely succeed.

How this growing trend is good for India?

The trend is for the good as the economy will develop only if people think innovatory. The young entrepreneurs are going to fill the areas where ever there is a gap to explore and make profit. This is something which will add to the overall growth of the economy of a country. With the sort of training they get, the chances of success is much higher than somebody who is starting without any formal training or exposure.

How NSBF is developing the entrepreneurial skill in students?

We have an entrepreneurship club functioning here under the leadership of our ex students who turned as good entrepreneurs. So the students get a feeling that if somebody from the same institute can achieve that height, why can't I. People who are interested in entrepreneurship are joining the club and we give intensive training to mould their management efficiency and soft skills. We also facilitate meetings and discussions with many prominent entrepreneurs of the state. Workshops, mock projects, internal competitions like best entrepreneur, business quiz etc are enhancing the vibrancy of the students.

The number of students joining our e-club is doubling. Earlier education was an imparting of information, this was replaced by moreover a development of soft skills. Today’s education is crafting the management efficiency in youngsters.

How government can help the youth to meet the challenges?

Funding is the major obstacle the young entrepreneurs facing while coming to the forefront. More funding from the government towards institutions to start incubators is the need of the hour. It is very difficult for the young entrepreneurs to secure a bank loan as they are looking into credentials and business plans. So I feel there is a need of some initial funding options to these entrepreneurs.

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?

Channelise your potentials for maximum utilisation. Think about others- the society as a whole. When we think and work for the society, we will grow together along with the society.





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