15 December 2018

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Think Global with WealthTree Advisors

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As the global economic growth trajectory is moving upwards, SME’s need to keep their eyes and ears wide open to face the fierce competitions – both domestic and global. Probably, the only way ahead for SMEs is to innovate new business markets, tactics and techniques.

International Business is really lucrative now a days and every day passes with more avenues opening, which is a challenge to Indian SME’s. With the advent of globalisation in business, going beyond domestic boundaries with the right strategy and a smart and systematic approach is a real challenge today.

Many new competitors are entering into the formerly protected domestic markets which are causing changes in customers’ behaviours and preferences. Market entry has thus become a complex process requiring multi functional skills and a sound knowledge of practical business issues. 

Based on these changes, WealthTree Advisors Pvt Ltd handholds Indian SME’s who are keen to internationalise their business. WealthTree offers assistance to identify newer markets for products and services, provides advisory services for overseas market expansion strategies, assistance to target the country of export or joint venture, and thereby to develop a profitable business model for all your overseas ventures.

“Our services are useful to Indian SMEs who are keen to acquire overseas companies, who want to expand their export business in international markets, looking for technological collaborations or to source materials and components” says Mr.Bhavesh Kothari, Vice President, WealthTree Advisors.

“We have a network of alliance partners in over 30 countries in the world, which provides Indian SMEs with a unique 'one point' contact in India through whom they can assess support in multiple countries. Our services thus helps Indian SMEs to reduce the cost, risk and time of doing business in International Markets and helps foreign SMEs to reduce the cost, risk and time of Doing Business in India” affirms Mr.Bhavesh Kothari.

It is the conventional way of bringing business by approaching people using existing contacts and showcasing them the business expertise. But today this limited trend has been completely overwhelmed.

“Today  SMEs have become the key focal point in the world economy and governments are trying their best to support them by all possible means. But most of these initiatives hit a road block at some point of time due to various issues, either due to lack of proper communication channels, lack of information dissemination to the grass root level, lengthy paperwork and formalities, inadequate infrastructure and reach to the inner most rural areas within the country and so on. But should that stop SME’s to grow and prosper and look beyond these roadblocks”? asks Mr.Bhavesh Kothari

The mind-blowing performance of the Indian stock market is gathering more attention and today India is definitely an opportune place to explore business possibilities, with its high-skilled manpower and budding middle class segment. Indian SMEs are being actively pursued by foreign companies to enter into partnerships.

In recent times, Indian mid sized corporates has made aggressive bids to acquire and take over companies are operating internationally.  These recent trends have opened up a new set of opportunities and challenges to Indian SMEs – to gain the most from a partnership with a foreign company.
Tie ups with foreign companies can take a number of forms.  At the simplest level, it may be a distribution or an agency agreement for the sale of goods and services.  Technology transfers/ sharing is another avenue for tie ups.  The most evolved forms of tie ups are Joint Ventures, where risks and rewards are shared by the Indian and foreign partners in a pre agreed proportion.

“Many foreign companies are keen to explore business opportunities but are faced with key challenges from infrastructure, culture and regulatory standpoint.  These companies need practical handholding solutions in India which cover market research, feasibility studies, staffing of key positions, understanding of regulations, finding local Indian partners/  collaborators and other practical issues relating to their 'start up' in India”

“Wealth Tree provides a 'one stop shop' solution for these needs by providing- Market Research, Local partner search, evaluation & due diligence, Local entity establishment, Regulatory approvals, Tax structuring for investments, Personnel search, Payroll processing, Premises search & fit out management, PR, Coordination with legal, secretarial, and other consultants or advisors” says Mr.Bhavesh Kothari

“There are a number of large consulting firms which are traditionally focussing corporate clients.  While the requirements of a SME is similar to that of a large corporate, in terms of new market entry, SME’s follow a distinctly different approach in taking risks, decision making and market exploration.  SMEs are keen to expand but have limited management bandwidth coupled with budget constraints”.

“WealthTree consists of experienced advisors who have worked with large corporates in the past, which provides them with a clear insight into best practices, systems and processes, but who have also worked with SMEs and understanding their unique needs and requirements.  WealthTree speaks the 'same language' as SMEs”. Since our formation in 2006, WealthTree has been known for providing excellent quality service, with practical insights, with a strong focus on results rather than just 'reports and research'” he continues.

“The increasing demanding client base and need a high degree of servicing forces SME’s at times to agree with the advice that they receive from professional advisors but have a challenge in terms of implementation. At times, SMEs underestimate the amount of effort and management time that a new Market Entry may require from them.While these challenges will take time to subside over a period of time, it is clear that things are changing for the better.  There is a change for a more mature, professional approach in this segment than their peers a decade back and are better placed to take new initiatives in form of new Market Entry”. He adds.

Market trends may change rapidly and hence market research at regular intervals is required to ascertain buying patterns. With the world becoming more smaller and smaller and trade and business partners coming right on your desk, opportunities are just a click away, it is now time to grab them with both hands.


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