Indian SMB Market Bullish: Andrew Tay, Zebra Technologies


Recently on his visit to look at Indian market closely, Andrew Tay, APAC President, Zebra Technologies visited Delhi and decided to have an exclusive meeting with Faiz Askari, Editor- Technology, Small Enterprise

Recently, Zebra Technologies have redesigned its internal reporting structure. Can you throw some light on this shuffle?

Zebra Technologies is a decade old company in India. India has recently become part of the APAC region effectively in end of Q1 ending March in 2009 previously this region’s business activity was managed under the EMEA region. This proximity has enabled to get closer to customers and helped in quicker decision making.

What are your plans for the India market?

Zebra Technologies is bullish on the India market as India is one of the fastest growing markets in terms of adoption of technology on the growth path among Indian companies - we see a huge market potential to be tapped. We see many areas including SMBs as our potential customers.
Please explain a brief detail of Zebra Technologies core business focus and expertise.
As you can look at the newer business dynamics, business challenges are also new. Similarly, businesses are continuously evolving innovative ways to enhance profitability and serve better to their customers.

Zebra serves more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Zebra Technologies as a technology solution provider, provides a broad range of innovative technology solutions to identify, track and manage the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency. Our core technologies include reliable on-demand printer and state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions.

By enabling improvements in sourcing, visibility, security and accuracy, Zebra helps its customers to put the right asset in the right place at the right time.
What are your Indian market strategies for next one year?

To reach newer markets in India, we will be putting more feet on the ground to reach out to major cities in India; this will also enable us to be more responsive to address customers’ needs.

Through our PartnersFirst program we intend to work closely with our distributors, system integrators and partners for driving profitability through channel.

Which all business verticals are you targeting in India?

We have traditionally been focusing on electronic manufacturing vertical, however we have diversified into five new customer verticals-transport and logistics, healthcare, government, retail and mobility. With our manufacturing operations moving from US to China, we expect more cost effective products catering to various demands of customers in the Asia market

What expectations do you have from the India market?

Our target business verticals will help us to achieve our India vision and expand our presence and offerings to our customers in India. We want to increase our offerings to increase the market share in these six new verticals in the industry.
To have at least 10% of our APAC revenue coming from new products sold in India in the next 2 years. At present the India office contributes 5-6% of the company's APAC revenues and we expect this to increase to 10% in the next 2 years. In the longer run, we expect the India operation to contribute half the Zebra China revenues (at present China contributes 50-55% of APAC revenues). India is definitely a top priority market for Zebra.

Manufacturing is an important area to look at in Indian market. What exclusive offering do you have for this vertical ?

The growing pressure of global competition and increased customer demand is transforming how manufacturing companies optimise their operational efficiencies to identify bottom line savings within the manufacturing process.

We tend to provide an integrated wireless infrastructure for real-time location, digital messaging, telemetry and wireless networking applications, gives manufacturers, spanning aerospace, automotive, industrial and government industries, the ability for continuous management of the physical location and status of their business critical assets for improving lean processes within the core manufacturing functions of Manufacturing Execution, Distribution, Equipment and Yard Management.

In addition to this, we also offer a location-based software solutions that enhances the value of ERP solutions and give the businesses features, functions and benefits necessary to drive efficient manufacturing execution in a work-safe environment while achieving lean manufacturing best practices and improving the bottom-line.

Transportation and logistics is an area which is growing rapidly and adopting technology solution in a big way. Do you look at this trend as a business opportunity for Zebra Technologies?

Yes, we do look at this area as an important opportunity vertical for our business growth. Our set of location-based real-time asset management, tracking and visibility software solutions provide better control and management of the location, status, condition and security of assets.

With our asset visibility and management software solutions, companies can effectively manage, optimise and plan material handling equipment utilisation with accurate vehicle deployment which eliminates operational constraints and asset loss.

Businesses with this solution in-place will be able to enhance existing asset management software solutions to gain ROI quickly through our integrated wireless asset visibility hardware, software and communication technologies combined with domain specific applications.

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