21 February 2020

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AIBA – All India Biotech Association

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All India Biotech Association (AIBA) was established in 1994 as a non- profit Society to provide common Apex Forum at the national level to represent the interests of all those engaged in various aspects of Biotechnology. One of the main objectives of AIBA is to Promote and safeguard the overall interests of Biotechnology as a science, profession, industry & trade. In August, 1999, the Southern Chapter of AIBA has started Functioning at Hyderabad.

AIBA aims to cover all areas in Biotechnology field, namely

  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Equipments.
  • Agriculture, Plantations, Horticulture, Floriculture, Aquaculture, Tissue-culture etc. inculding Biofertilisers, Biopesticides and Biocintrol agents.
  • Hardware including Machinery, Equipment, Instruments etc. and vsoftware.
  • Industrial Biotechnology products and applictions.



The following are the main objectives of AIBA:-

  • To promote and Safeguard the overall interests of Biotechnology as a science, profession, industry or trade.
  • To collect and obtain all information on matters affecting the members, make representations to the various authorities, and to appear before any Authority in the interest and betterment of the constituent members for carrying any activity relating to Biotechnology.
  • To subscribe and promote the aims and objects of any society or an Association having similar objects to all or any of the objects of the Association and to encourage and support any Association or Government Policy for the improvement of laws relating to Biotechnology.
  • To coordinate and assist the research, professional,manufacturing and export promotion activities of its constituent members.
  • To sponsor study and buisness teams abroad and to invite individuals, exports and scientists and similar delegations from abroad with the approval of concerned authorities. To sponsor and undertake research, commodity and market surveys and collect and disseminate statistics and information and initiate necessary action therewith.
  • To prepare, print and publish papers, periodicals or reports and to organise lectures, conferences and seminars and promote exhibitions, shows and other activities with a view to extending knowledge and information or seeking reorientation of Government policy in relation to Biotechnology as research , industrial , professional or trading activity.
  • To provide facilities for settlement of disputes within the Association objectives and to support and or oppose and take necessary all and every action including legal recourse to represent, defend and support/oppose any such move, legislation, taxation or other concerned measure, imposition or enactment for the protection of legitimate rights, interests and work of the Association.
  • To advice or to represent to the Central and state Governments, local public bodies on all matters relating to biotechnology.
  • To grant awards to persons and institutions for outstanding contributions in the furtherance of the objects of the society.



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