12 December 2019

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Operation 'Blogging Reloaded'!

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Starting your own blog is one of the most creative and rewarding experiences you’ll find on the internet. Your blog could also be a means for you to make pretty money. Many are doing it!!!

" Blogging is not a quick way to make money online for sure. It takes time for a blog to grow into a stage where it can make money and run on itself. Once you reach that stage, the results would be awesome” says Arun Basil Lal, a techie blogger who reaches out through http://millionclues.com/.

“Successful blogging is infact a trick, and for that you need to be alert, innovative a good researcher and ofcourse extremely patient enough to reap the harvest” says Binny V A, another techie blogger who reaches out through his informative blogs- www.bin-co.com, www.openjs.com  etc

“I have been a full time blogger for the last one year, and now and I can safely say that blogging is something that I enjoy. Over a period of time with right marketing and online involvement, you will make money alright! But, if you are looking at making money overnight; then blogging isn't for you” says Priya Q. priya is a full time blogger and freelance writer. You can read her at www.composedvolcano.com  and www.akshayapatram.com

 The Baby Steps

Setting up a blog is a fairly easy task. There are many sites which gives space for blogs in their domains like blogger and wordpress. Or else you can setup your blog in a separate dotcom domain.

Naming-Remember, you are creating a brand up there and marketing your own brand!!!! So put a catchy name for your brand, something different, or you can always put your personal name.

Content- Let the creative juices flow in and start writing on anything under the sun!General interest blogs might be entertaining, but if you’re looking to make money from blogging, then you’ll need your blog with a central theme in it.

Linking- Link your blog with the related sites around the web which you feel good. This would be a good start for you. And be sure to have less than 100 links pointing outside your site to prevent flagging of your site as spam!

SEO- Huge number of people surfing the internet use a search engine, so your page should be as high up on the hit list as possible.

Communities-A great way to find readers is getting involved in as many blogging communities.Comment on fellow bloggers with similar interests in the community which will naturally invite audience for your blogs. Remember, to put your blog URL when you comment or enter a discussion.

Forums- Blogging technologies are usually spread through word-of-mouth. So forums are perfect platforms for new information.

Social Bookmarking-There are lot of social book marking sites  which help to get backlinks for your site as well as some good traffic, if you submit them to the right categories and participate in the right communities..

Social Networking-Social Networking sites like Twitter, My Space, Facebook, Linked In, Orkut and Silicon are wonderful platform to increase the readers and followers of your blogs.

E-mail signatures-A simple tip to promote your blog is adding your URL as the signature of our e-mails.

Article Marketing- Write an article on your niche or pick up a good one from your collection and put it up on a popular article directory which have high authority on Google. Put a link of your blog in the bottom of your post and to drive visitors.

Press Releases -Press releases in sites with backlinks are manipulated by smart webmasters who want to build a buzz around their product.

Plug ins- Initially put in some general ones. Also, installing some promotional plugins like share plugins, the mybloglog widget will allow easy sharing and there by a viral promotion of your site.

Banner Exchange Program- By running banner ads of others on your blog, you will be able to have your ads published them in exchange. It is done automatically by placing a supplied HTML code on your blog.

Tips To Earn From Blogging

Adsense- Ofcourse, Google Adsense is every blogger’s first and the most popular step towards monetisation. Through this google simply takes your article and puts ad links matching your keywords throughout the post. How much money you receive is based on how many clicks the ad gets. It sounds so easy but, its not!

Advertising- You can find companies to advertise on your site and earn commissions. If your blog have a core theme, and a strong audience then advertisers will come to you. If not, search for advertisers through different sites offering this.

Paid Blogging Networks -. As a member of a paid blogging website, you will have to blog about some advertisers, for their products or services. These advertisers will pay you in return and you’ll receive a stipulated fee for each assignments.

Aff. Sales/Commisions- This is also a good money maker, if your blog is pinpoint on a niche. You can sell things/products related to your niche through your blog. If it clicks, the payouts are very good.

Few SEO Tips

SEO Compliance is the first and foremost mantra in blog / website promotion.

Key Words: Make sure your titles are key word rich and readable. Use key words wisely and proportionately in your posts, so as to list your posting top in the search.

No Duplication of Content : Duplication of contents will put your site down in the search. Also, using multiple mirror sites with the same content is also a “ don’t do”.

Sitemaping : When your site is ready, make sure to ping the Google, Yahoo! and Live engines with a sitemap so that they can index you. Sitemaps need to be of two kinds, one for the visitor in HTML and the other in XML for the searchers.

Navigation: Sites with a good navigation and sitemap and a closely interlinked pages pulls top.

Directories, Press Releases and Social Networks : Reputable Directories, Press Releases and Social Networks will give your site good points as you are taking the advantage of their prominence in the search engine..

ALT tags: ALT Tags on images are important too. They apart from making you rank top on image search, will also help those with disabilities to know what type of images are being shown on the page.


Operation 'Blogging Reloaded'!
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