28 May 2020

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Home Based Business

The Writers' Market

Freelance writing is one of today’s most lucrative home based jobs. It is fit for anyone. It not only gives you the freedom of working, but brings a good green also. The freelance writing opportunities ranges from journalistic writing, job board projects, copy writing, resume writing and business writing. Writers are needed for many different requirements such as news reporting, featuring, niche writing etc. You can even be a "ghostwriter" for people who want to publish their own books but don't have strong writing skills.  Writers can also earn by writing and selling e-books online, creating content funded by advertising, through affiliate products and more. 

The Emerging Homepreneurs

The rise of home-based businesses can be traced to telecommuting started in the 1980s and the mass adoption of the internet in the 1990s. Today, technology has made it easier to start and run a business from anywhere. In India also there has been a change of consciousness in the business world to recognise home-based enterprises as legitimate.

Green Fortunes In Your Land

Are you a land owner, and planning to invest in real estate? If so you can covert your piece of land to a golden land! But how? The answer is, instead of keeping your land idle you can convert it into a good farm and reap high returns with a less investment.

Operation 'Blogging Reloaded'!

Starting your own blog is one of the most creative and rewarding experiences you’ll find on the internet. Your blog could also be a means for you to make pretty money. Many are doing it!!!

E-Tutoring: New Ways to Earn Extra Money

At nine in the evening, Chithra Iyyer, is in front of her computer teaching her students who are in the US and UK. Chithra being an e-tutor, relishes the flexibility and bucks this job offers to her. Well, this is not something new today. e-tutoring has almost become an inseparable part in the domain of learning. What’s new in this is , it is stretching its boundaries, opening an array of new and varied opportunities.

Freelancing: Your Ticket for Good Earning

Are you just fed up with your present job? Or are you a drop in the vast sea of unemployed or felled by the plague of downsizing? If so, ‘freelancing’ could be your ticket for a wonderful career.

Artistic Endevour

Divya Shah is the epitome of high energy and positivity. One needs to take a tip from her  as to how to pack  a variety of activities in a day  and still stay cool and composed. Divyaji, as she is fondly addressed by all, is basically from Kutch in Gujarat. She graduated in home science from J.D.Birla college, Calcutta, after which , she enrolled for a six months diploma course  at Saraswathi Niketan, where she learnt other art forms  not included in the home science course.


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