28 May 2020

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Mr. Right: The Innovative Platform for Home Service Professionals

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Mr. Right is an innovative web and mobile based aggregator for home based service professionals to solve the day’s problem of finding a local professional for fixing basic home repair problems. As a unique platform, Mr. Right connects home-owners with the best home repair professionals in their neighborhood. The brainchild of Prashant Chaudhary and Mayank Agrawal, Mr. Right was conceptualized and initiated in 2013 and is growing slowly but steadily ever since.


Mr. Right aims at making this imagination a reality by connecting you to the skillful, experienced and reliable local service professionals in your own locality at fixed nominal prices through mobile apps; thus making you live smarter and also enabling the PRO, to live better!

The journey of Mr. Right:

Mr. Right was born out of the need to find trusted local handymen for day to day jobs and an attempt to restructure the home service industry. Mr. Right connects homeowners with the best-rated and verified home service professionals via innovative web and mobile applications. The company's mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. Through the mobile and web, users can choose from hundreds of pre-defined services, view estimates upfront, and pick a time when they’d want the service. The system auto-magically assigns the best matching PRO for the job. Mr. Right charges its professionals a percentage commission on the job.

A word about the founders:

Mr. Right is the brainchild of Mr. Prashant Chaudhary, alumni of Purdue University USA and Mayank Agrawal a street smart marketing professional. While Prashant has a diverse experience in technology and business management, Mayank is the guiding force in expanding the company to reach its vision.

Business model of Mr. Right:

Mr. Right is a web and mobile based aggregator. In the words of its co-founder Mr. Prashanyt Chaudhary, "our mobile and web users may choose from hundreds of pre-defined services, view estimates upfront, and pick a time when they’d want the service. Our system ‘auto-magically’ assigns the best matching PRO for the job. Mr. Right charges its professionals a percentage commission of every task completed".

Franchisee business base:

As part of the future growth plans, the company have started our groundwork both in Mumbai and Bangalore and expect to mark its presence in the two metros by end of 2015. The team is considering adding even more home services like movers & packers, laundry etc. to its current offerings including a presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The details of the franchisee business model are however yet to be revealed.

A word on funding:

As far as finances are concerned, Mr. Right co-founders started with their personal savings of Rs 50 Lakhs. The company is now trying to raise early stage capital to grow its network into multiple cities.

Marketing strategies adopted by Mr. Right:

Mr. Right involves a multiple marketing plan for its promotion and business evolution. In the words of Mr. Prashant, "we do what we do best. We have made our product, our mobile and web apps, do the hard work for us. Our apps are intuitively designed and robustly developed to make it really easy for our customers to share and spread the word".

The company also relies heavily on the word of mouth publicity as it believes that a happy customer is the best promoter. They uses digital marketing and home improvement blogs as a revenue generation source. “We receive an average of 65% of our customers via organic sources like Google searches, Social Media followings etc” says Prashant highlighting the use of digital medium.

Challenges faced:

Delivering right solution at the right time and being cost effective remains a big challenge for the company. They started operations as a service provider and brought home service professionals on board but had to change operation styles due to logistic difficulties. In order to offer services in multiple locations, the company today has adopted a marketplace model building a network of more than 1000 professionals across Delhi NCR to offer multiple services at quickly as possible.

Future plans and the road ahead:

Currently, Mr. Right platform generates thousands of jobs for its network of 1000+ professionals in Delhi and NCR. By end of 2015, the company plans to officially expand its operations in three metropolitans in the country. In the words of the Mr. Prashant, “the entire team at Mr. Right is focused on Company’s daring challenge to generate a million jobs via its platform in India and possibly abroad”.

On the road ahead, the company is bracing itself for stiff competition. “Major e-commerce giants in India like Snapdeal, Housing.com, are exploring the home service space” says Prashant. Mr. Right has an early mover advantage in the industry, and with years of experience in home services, is confident to lead from front. Mr. Right is a small team of 12 passionate techno-preneurs backed by more than a thousand professionals in the field. We are here to leave a mark and do something different in our own way signs of a confident Prashant.

Tips for startups:

For entrepreneurs who’d like to launch their own startups, Prashant has a three pointer suggestion. Firstly, do you homework before launching as most of the day-to-day decisions you’ll take will heavily rely on your knowledge and insights of the industry. Secondly, always be prepared for the uncertain as small and as flexible a startup is in the beginning, uncertainty is inevitable and can strike anytime. So preparing for uncertainty (depending upon your line of business) is paramount and thirdly Perseverance as when faced with uncertainties, many people start feeling the pressure. It happens with everyone. It’s important to persevere and keep learning from your experiences.

Mr. Right: The Innovative Platform for Home Service Professionals
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