05 December 2019

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Em‘POWER’ing Budding Women Entrepreneurs

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It has been seen world wide that entrepreneurial development among women leads to the economic and social development of the community and in turn the nation too. This is due to the fact that entrepreneurial culture helps in uplifting the quality of life of women, including their family, community thereby leading to the economic development of the country.

Thus developing entrepreneurship among women places women in the main stream economic development as major stakeholders and key drivers of the economy. While women entrepreneurs have time and again demonstrated their potential by continual growth and development of their enterprises, it is imperative even on part of the government bodies, both at the Centre and State level to formulate appropriate strategies and provide incentives for stimulating, supporting and sustaining their efforts going much beyond start-up and enterprise creation. It is towards this end in view that POWER club has come into existence.

About POWER club:

POWER (Platform of Women Entrepreneurs) - A Regd. body is a non-stock, non-profit organisation that focuses on Women’s Entrepreneurship. It has an inspiring tag line: Dare to Dream. It is an association comprising independent women entrepreneurs, women in family business and aspiring women entrepreneurs, all of whom are committed to fostering economic self-reliance. This association is a kind of networking organisation for promoting entrepreneurial development among women, and will aim at providing assistance and support for all the stake holders of women’s entrepreneurial development. Appreciating this aspect of its charter, it is recognised even by the Govt. of India.

POWER’s Inaugural function:

This information platform was inaugurated on 8th March, 09 at Manipal on the same day as International Women’s Day. Renu Jayaram is heading the POWER team as President. She is the CEO of Jayadev Motors as well. Jennifer Dias is the Vice President, Shymala Nayak, Secretary; Akshatha Rao, Joint Secretary and Ex banker Aruna Shenoy, the Treasurer. Speaking at the inaugural function Renu Jayaram declared “Finally here we are today to launch our dream…probably something we dared to dream and no better day than this (day) to coincide with the International Women’s Day. …We intend to grow one step at a time. It would be a slow but steady and practical approach. She further added…”if this club inspires all the young aspiring women to take up entrepreneurship, then half of our objectives will be achieved. It would be foolish mistake if 50% (comprising women entrepreneurs) of the nation’s population are not encouraged to do anything”

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Guest Sandhya Pai Managing Editor – Taranga Weekly & well-known Kannada journalist congratulated the POWER team, particularly appreciating its logo comprising the delicate work and home life balance on a scale. According to her, it is the rural women entrepreneurial folk who are the real unsung heroes, whose work is neither seen nor heard, but who against the toughest of odds, facing extreme challenges of life like poverty still managed family and work efficiently.

POWER’s vision & mission:

According to Renu Jayaram “Power was born with a vision to unite all the women entrepreneurs existing and aspiring and also women in family business and inspire them through the process of nurturing their skills and helping them to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. through.” According to her POWER’s abiding mission is to provide leadership and inspiration to act as a conduit to the transformation of the role of women in business into a dynamic force to reckon with.

POWER’s Objectives:

The main objective of POWER is to provide a platform for close interaction among women entrepreneurs. Its other objectives are mentoring and assisting women to learn and acquire entrepreneurial abilities through training programs; promoting, developing and enhancing the efforts and activities of women entrepreneurs; acting as a liaison between Govt. and Entrepreneurs by providing necessary information and helping women entrepreneurs by providing necessary consultancy and lastly mutual & collective learning, exposure & update with the latest business practices.

Ongoing projects and plans

Team POWER, according to it’s President Renu Jayaram, has taken off with total optimism. She elaborated it saying “Various workshops and seminars are being organised on importance of Entrepreneurship, Motivation, and Awareness programs of various Govt. and Bank schemes for women entrepreneurs. It has been a new experience interacting with various resource persons from far and wide, bankers and stake holders of women Entrepreneurship, Press, Govt. Institutions and many more. It is a pleasure to see women in POWER generating new ideas and working on it. Recently the team even visited SIRI, Beltangady to get an insight into the concept of rural women’s group enterprise, which is one of the dreams of POWER.

It was amazing to see how rural women despite their hardships coming forward and working together and being contented with their lives, which makes me wonder … do we educated or so-called urban women have sky high expectations leaving us doing nothing much ?,” she queried aloud.

But she did express her dissatisfaction at the lethargic tendency prevalent among potential urban women entrepreneurs. She is disappointed to see how some segment of women in urban areas are really talented and enterprising but are suppressed, egoistic, highly society and status conscious and not motivated enough to get into Entrepreneurship. It is definitely not a rosy picture for a country like ours who (though) having more than 50% of female population, only a very negligible percentage is getting into Entrepreneurship, despite women’s natural talent for dealing with crisis situations and endowed with great communication and hard working abilities.”

Proposed activities on the anvil

Collecting and disseminating information about women entrepreneurs in Udupi, South Kanara district. Conduct and participate in national and international exhibition to get market information, thus helping in market promotion. Organise entrepreneurship awareness and motivation programmes to promote entrepreneurship among women. Provide counseling and consultancy services to women entrepreneurs. Organise seminars, workshops, training programmes and conferences to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of women entrepreneurs

Here’s wishing the POWER team a very successful journey and spreading the message of POWER to all concerned women entrepreneurs. Cheers indeed to Women Power.



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