20 January 2020

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Indian Manufacturing Sector Registers High Growth

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 New Delhi: India was amongst the top 10 manufacturers in 2010 and together with Brazil and China accounted for a third of the world manufacturing output, up from one-fifth 10 years ago, said a United Nations report .

"India is listed as one of the top 10 manufacturers of the world in 2010," the international yearbook of industrial statistics 2011, published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) said.

India along with other leading developing economies such as Brazil and China showed strong performance in economic growth in 2010 and the manufacturing value added of all these countries grew by over 10% last year, the agency said.

The share of these three countries in world manufacturing output reached 32% compared to 20% 10 years ago, the report, released in Vienna on Thursday, added.

World manufacturing value added, or MVA, rose 5.3% in 2010, as per the agency's estimate.
The MVA of industrialised countries was up 3.4% in 2010.

India topped developing countries (excluding China) in production of textiles, chemical products, basic metals, general machinery and equipment, and electrical machinery.

It overtook Brazil in the production of motor vehicles and now ranks second among developing countries after Mexico.

However, its Asian competitors Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines are ahead in the production of electronic goods such as computers and office equipment, radio, television and other communication equipment.



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