Institutions Supporting SME Growth


Over  the years, the National  Institute for Micro , small and medium  enterprise , an  organization  of the  Ministry  of MSME,  Government of India,  has gained immense  experience  and expertise  in the areas of  entrepreneurship development , technology , management, extension and information services. 

NI-MSME’S  inherent capacity  to  innovate together with  its top class infrastructure has enabled  the institute to excel  in its endeavours  towards micro and small enterprise  promotion. From the time of  inception,  NI-MSME  has  been providing  unstinted  support to  small  and medium  industries  and has  evolved  to be the  best in  offering  services like  research,  consultancy, information, training  and extension to not only enterprises  but also  to concerned development agencies.

 The knowledge driven and  volatile economy  of the present days is  posing  greater challenges  to Msme’s.  Further,  globalization is  threatening  the very survival  of MSME’S  .in the face of tough competition.NI-MSME  has always been  conceiving  specialized  need- based  programs and workshops  and seminars in  tune  with  the changing policies and economic situation.NI-MSME has been   successfully training  entrepreneurs to  face challenges., help them cope with competition,  and gain the much needed competitive edge  in the global scenario. NI-MSME has  even broken geographical  barriers by  extending  its expertise  and services  to other  developing and developed nations.

NI-MSME has had profitable  interface with  several international agencies  like Common wealth  Fund for Technical  Co-operation, UNESCO, United Nations development programme, Ford foundation,GTZ of Germany ,United States Agency for international development and ILO to name a few.
Main activities include national programmes, international programmes, IT education, PG diploma Programmes, seminars and workshops.




They undertake research and exchange experiences globally in development and growth of entreneurship.the institute is actively involved in creating a climate conducive to emergence of entreneurship.


This institute organizes and conducts training for entrepreneurship development. Strategies and methodologies for different target groups and locations are evolved and field tests are conducted. Training needs are identified and trainees offered to government and non government organizations engaged in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship. Information needed for policy formulation and implementation related to self employment are documented. Existing entrepreneurs are given identity and training programmes conducted.

 A lot of literature is prepared and published relating to entrepreneurship and industrial development.  Seminars, workshops  and conferences  for  providing  a forum  for interaction  and exchange of  views by  various  agencies  and entrepreneurs  are organized. Research is conducted for generating knowledge to accelerate  the process of   entrepreneurship  development.

 This institute acts as a catalyst for development of  self employment and entrepreneurship.  Last but not the least, this institute helps to evolve design and help  in the utilization  of various  media  for creating  entrepreneurship


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