08 December 2019

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MSME-DI: A Premier Institute for Entrepreneurs

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MSME Development Institute, Chennai has been renedering yeomen services to foster the growth of MSMEs in Tamil Nadu.  Here are the excerpts from the interview with Mr. Sivagnanam, Director of the MSME Development institute, Chennai.


What is MSME-DI?

MSME-DI, Chennai is a premier institute, formerly known as SISI. It is a preferred destination for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. It offers a spectrum of value added services in the areas of HRD, managerial and techno economic related services to the customers. Our august clients are micro, small and medium enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs.

It facilitates to promote existing  as well as nurturing new enterprises in the state of Tamil Nadu to trigger the growth  impulses in the MSME sectors by adopting three pronged approaches, namely,

  •  Enhancement of capacity and capabilities through cluster approach for existing industries.
  • Formation of potential skill  for the enterprises  through skill up gradation  training programmes.
  • Creation of entrepreneurs through conducting various orientation trainings,       both government programmes and specialised programmes.

What support services can be offered   by MSME-DI for new entrepreneurs?

  • Offering hand holding service to prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Selection of project
  • Identification of location
  • Decision on investment
  • Preparation of feasible report
  • Provisional registration
  • Arranging finance. Acquiring industrial shed  based on availability
  • Statutory clearance  wherever possible
  • Selection of right machinery and equipment
  • Purchasing of machinery
  • Raw material procurement
  • Production and planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Training and skill development
  • Portfolio management
  • Marketing and sales promotion
  • Problem solving

What are some of the specialised courses offered?

  1. Hardware and networking
  2. Cell phone servicing
  3. Basic electronics
  4. Computer basics
  5. Multi media
  6. Electrical courses
  7. Machine tool programme and operation
  8. Paint application
  9. Welding  practice
  10. Gold appraisal
  11. Diamond grading
  12. Export procedures

How is MSME-DI an active service provider?

MSME-DI is a precursor in initiating various developmental works. The path breaking exercise  and the value added services of this institute are well recognized by the industrial fraternity This institute has a team of dedicated  and experienced officers in  various trades  like mechanics, chemical, food,  glass and ceramic, textile, managerial, economic, etc. This team can take on  any task  for upholding  trust inside and outside the organisation. It is no longer lingered  as only a facilitator,  and acts as a harbinger of growth in the capacity of active service provider to its potential clients.

What facilities are available?

Besides having proven machineries and a dedicated team ,  we have an excellent  testing centre, MSME-TC in our premises. It is our sister concern  functioning  under our own ministry having the facility to undertake  any kind of testing, especially  specialised testing of engineering products.

The workshop has training facilities capable of accommodating 100 members. All the modern training equipment and tools to impart latest technology to the trainees  are available.

What are a few of the training programme objectives?

Basically its to bridge a gap between demand and supply for trained man power  in MSME sectors. Develop entrepreneurial skills with techno- commercial knowledge, impart vocational training to the youth so as to convert the skilled into entrepreneur syndrome  to the maximum extent possible. We concentrate on developing professional ethics, work culture and personality or ensuring  gainful employment in high tech areas.

What are the cluster initiatives you spoke of earlier?

Cluster concept has wide spread  attention as an instrument  and a win- win  situation for enabling  the small firms to increase  their capacity  and capabilities by overcoming their  internal, limitations by joining together.  Cluster cell under MSME-DI is exclusively for the promotion of micro and small enterprises under cluster mode.

What are the main functions of this cluster cell?

We offer various services in promotion of MSE clusters in Tamil Nadu such as  identify MSE clusters, conduct cluster awareness programmes etc. We act as a nodal agency  to bring  all the cluster promotional partners  into one fold  in order  to initiate  cluster momentum in the state. Mentor services are provided  in the area of project preparation, project appraisal,  project implementation as per the guidelines of government of India.A strong resource centre  too is established  to have MSE cluster related  documents.

We have so far   identified 153 MSE clusters with the active support of  state Directorate of industries, Government of Tamil Nadu  and product special  industrial associations.

MSME-DI has  also adopted  3 clusters  viz, plastic, engineering  and pharma clusters  Chennai under  micro and small enterprises cluster development  programme of  government of India(MSE-CDP)  to improve their  group competency  and enhance competitiveness.

Does MSME-DI  offer ISO consultancy?

Yes.  It also offers a subsidy of a maximum  of Rs 75000  for   micro  and small enterprises in getting ISO 9000 certification.

Can you tell us about the E club?

Entrepreneur club is a forum  for the entrepreneurs to discuss  common problems, identify solutions and take corrective action.50  enterprises  from the family of MSME  can  join together to form a club.  So far , 75 E clubs  have  been  formed in the state of Tamil Nadu.Each E club  can  initiate developmental works and conduct programmes. Counselling on credit and export are conducted twice  in a week  for the benefit of  our customers.

What is the MSME-DI web portal?

It is a business promotional tool.  It acts as  an information and service provider. This will eventually be a one stop shop  for industrial  fraternity to  surf  for a gamut of information, and this web portal is committed to provide  uniform  support services to the industrial community  to create customised business opportunities.

What are the awards offered?

We sponsor outstanding SSI  entrepreneurs/ units   for national awards, export awards, best R&D  awards etc. The Director of MSME-DI is a member of the state award  selection committee for selection of Best state  SSI   entrepreneur, best woman entrepreneur and best SC/ST entrepreneur.

What are the future plans of MSME-DI?

As a facilitator, this institute is planning  to widen the linkage  and working alliance  with all  strategic customers  like industrial and service associations, other  governmental  and non  governmental  MSME promotional agencies ,  research institutions  and universities on public- private- partnership(PPP) basis to improve the collective  competitiveness all around.  Hence, an  attempt is being made to  prepare a  vibrant data  base on  industrial  consultants,  profile of resource persons,  service providers  in India  and Tamil nadu and Pondicherry in  particular.

Apart from this, other  plans are  to have a one- stop destination  for the MSME’s  to step in to avail; umbrella services.

  •  To serve as a guide to prospective  investors or enterprises  by counseling and conducting outreach programs.
  •  To offer  video conferencing  facilities under PPP  mode  for the  benefit of industrial fraternity and the student community.
  •  Conduct  mass campaign through TV  media for the benefit of MSMES  etc.




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