05 December 2019

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Freelancing: Your Ticket for a Good Earning

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Are you just fed up with your present job? Or are you a drop in the vast sea of unemployed or felled by the plague of downsizing? If so, ‘freelancing’ could be your ticket for a wonderful career.

Today ‘freelancers’ have almost included in the category of self-employed professionals, as they are specialised people handling different segments. They enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship at their own will. All you need is a knowledge and expertise in your field and a good network

It is only administrative and managerial jobs that are not fit to a freelancer's profile. Freelancers are available in all other segments where you can serve clients independently.

“If you have the requisite qualities, technical know-how and you understand the current market trend, you don’t need an organisation to make your income or lively hood” says Paromita Das a freelance fashion designer who enjoys the freedom of her career.

 “I would say it’s always better to work as a freelancer for two reasons –you can always be independent in your work span and can choose any time to work. The bottom line is to get your work done during a stipulated period of time. Also, you can work in a variety of environment because you are exposed to different clients with different requirements. Initially it is very difficult because you need to get used to this environment. However, once you are done with it you will keep going” -Paromita continues.

Paromita Das is providing tech pack designing and designer clothing consultation for her clients in USA, Canada, Netherlands and Bulgaria. “I provide technical design for many overseas clothing brands. She also works as the design manager for ‘Urban People’.

“Incase you want more flexibility in terms of managing multiple projects, Freelancing is the right career move for you. Being a freelancer gives you the liberty to indulge in multiple projects and at the same time it enhances your prospects of gaining knowledge”, says Twinkle Gogia a freelance consultant who handles a broad profile in HR industry.

 “I have been working as a freelancer for almost a year now and have been handling HR outsourcing projects, resume writing works for Indian as well as global firms. Bored by the monotony of a 9-5 job, I ventured out on my own in 2008 after 5 years of working with global brands. It looked as a big risk initially, but now when I look back, I feel it was a risk worth taking.

Twinkle works as a recruiter, resume writer and senior advisor - India operations at Spotlight Resume. She undertakes HR Outsourcing projects for SME's and is also freelancing as a career consultant at Breakthrough Career Management (formerly known as Connect Medium).She has also created policy, training and process manuals for a couple of organisations.

Smitha is a freelance writer based in Bangalore. A post graduate in commerce, she was really confused not knowing what to do when she shifted to Bangalore with her husband, a workaholic IT professional used to work in stretched hours. She started with writing management articles and in her long searches in the internet she explored many possibilities in freelance writing. With her dormant passion for writing, she started with multiple freelance assignments –as Finance & Audit consultant, writing and editing etc.

For web designers, graphic designers and photographers, freelancing is the best option, as they can earn more and build a vast empire than confining their skills in the walls of an employer. Many students are turning out as entrepreneurs with their skills and passions.

Says Binny V A, a techie is freelancing as a web-developer-“ I've been a freelancer for three years now, and the experience has been Awesome ( with a capital A ). You get a lot of free time which you can use to study whatever interest you”. There is only one disadvantage he continues – “you'll never be able to go back and work in a company”.

“Web designing jobs would obviously require that you have ample knowledge of web design, HTML, CSS, PHP, LAMP platforms and other computer languages. Graphic designers can work with print images and in creation of digital images like artwork, company logos and web site graphics. Foreign companies always prefer to outsource their projects to countries like India, as they would get their works done at cheaper rates compared to their professionals. So it is ideal to be a freelancer if you are confident of building up a good network, because you can earn and grow well if you are beyond the confined walls of an employer” says Sidharth Krishnan who left his fulltime job after 3 years to start-up.

The most important requirement for a freelancer is that he needs to be fairly good at making contacts, retaining them, and getting the most out of them. Most freelancers will swear by the contacts they have. Word-of-mouth advertising is the lifeline of freelancers.

As freelancers are not directly accountable to anyone, they change their pursuits frequently. Although it is not always required to stick to one field indefinitely, it is important to give it some time to show the results. Patience really does pay off.





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