25 February 2020

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Boosting Competitiveness Among Employees

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Any organisation that aims at achieving its goals needs the main inputs as (i) financial resources – such as money and credit, (ii) physical resource – such as building and equipment and (iii) people.  For a long period, the significance of the third factor i.e. ‘people at work’ was not at all looked into seriously by the top level management because it had taken their human resource for granted.

The HR Challenges

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Human Resource Management in itself is an extremely challenging affair in the context of any corporation when we take it as a whole. However if we delve singularly into analysing the entire matter in the perspective of a nation, we are usually exposed to different insights about it. The entire scenario of Human resource might be of similar characters throughout the world but it varies from one country to another in certain features. The challenges that the Human Resource departments of Indian corporations have to face are manifold.

The Need for Employee Benchmarking

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If we go by layman terms, benchmarking means comparing an entity with similar ones to test the standing and to see whether any change is needed. Elaborating it a bit more and with respect to employees, employee benchmarking is the systematic process of identifying the behavioral capabilities and qualities of those who perform well.

Compensation: Buzz Word that Attracts the Best Talent

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Compensation is the key attribute in attracting, maintaining and retaining the best employees in an ever changing competitive world. Compensation management is an effective tool in the hands of officials in differentiating between the remuneration strategies employed within the organisation and those followed by competitors.

Be the Numero Uno in the HR Profession

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Within the recent years, corporate world has come to realise that the most productive assets are not the profits, products, services or even the potential clients and customers. Rather, the only beneficial aspect of any successful business is the dedicated team of human resources. With this blend of mind, business and companies are in the ongoing process of hiring the most productive set of professionals who can further recruit, reinvigorate and retain employees. This particular set is of the human resource specialists who are responsible for managing the human resources and other related activities.

Pros and Cons of Employee Referral Programmes

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Employee referral programme is increasingly becoming popular among companies today. It has rather become a de rigueur recruitment tool for the companies. Companies are aware of the positive spin-off, employee referral programme generates. Besides being the most cost effective recruitment tool, referral programs also bring in high return on investment. Though employee referral programme offers a host of advantages to the organisations, it has its own share of disquieting consequences.

How to Stop Employees from Leaving Your Organisation?

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The human resource department of any organisation has to face a number of challenges in various respects. Employee attrition being one such major problem that requires much devoted attention in order to avoid unwanted complexities. Before we go deeper with our insights on how to control attrition, we must know what exactly is meant when we say employee attrition in an organisation. Employee attrition in the context of an organisation simply means the reduction of the physical workforce due to various reasons like involuntary terminations, retirement etc. Thus it goes without saying that attrition can be a reason for crisis inside an organisation.  Controlling attrition may not be a very simple process but it is achievable by following a methodical procedure that the Human Resource management usually reclines for the same.

Place Your Brand on Top!

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All of us often follow a routine walk or drive through the same route regularly. What if there are some potential customers. How can you keep them informed about your business? There is a simple way, place your services or product posters in such strategic areas and attract those potential customers to your store. If your customers see posters consistently repeating your business name and marketing message over and over, they will automatically begin to associate your business name with your marketing message.

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