17 October 2018

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Smart Time Management : Key to Success

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 By V Pradeep Kumar

Do you find yourself running after deadlines, targets, and asking for extensions or finishing tasks, at the last minute? Are you generally late for your meetings? Are you compelled to work on a weekend? Do you generally come home completely stressed out and exhausted? And on a weekend, do you still feel drained out and prefer to stay at home, instead of fun and frolic activities with family?

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'Set Targets, Create Opportunities'

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By V Pradeep Kumar 

Years ago, a young and shy boy called Shrikanth, who was just out of  manage-ment college, sat in front of me. He was facing the first interview of his life for a marketing job. I made him relax, said a few encouraging things and took a chance by offering him the job. Though a weak performer initially, he gradually got better. Working with our firm for three years, he worked hard. After accumu-lating the necessary experience, Shrikanth is a successful entrepreneur today.

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How to Manage Diverse Workforce Within an Organisation?

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Managing of diverse workforce inside organisations has become the order of the day today. It’s no longer the factor that used to be a buffer that led to greater efficiency at work and today it’s nothing short of a requirement. The reasons behind that is more than one. The chief among that being even in the era where technology has taken over from all quarters, people still are the most essential factor when it comes to work. People, as we all know are of different kinds, each differing from the other in almost all respects.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Need of the Hour

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Huge corporations and companies try to establish trust with their stake holders and clients with the increasing number of scandals every year. Trust plays a vital role in having a good rapport with business clients and customers. Corporate social responsibility plays vital role  in winning the customer confidence that will help growing the business. There are umpteen numbers of business models developed in order to achieve CSR objectives. 

The Rising Issues in HR Management

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Human resource management (HRM) has always been a very challenging aspect of any business. Especially with so much happening in the world of Human Resource, change, indeed is the constant when we talk about Human resource management. There are new trends in the world of HR emerging every now and then and it is extremely important for anybody remotely associated with the world of business to know about such contemporary emerging issues. In this era globalisation human resource walks into has walked into a zone of new technology and certain emerging issues of management. Here we would talk the most relevant emerging and contemporary issues about human resource.

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media

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Networking through Social Media has become a hot trend for both personal and professional matters. Thanks to the giant leap of Internet Technology, making the 'tech' life of people more creative and result oriented. Nowadays, building and using business blogs have become a standard practice for many marketers in order to avail the optimum use of Internet. With the growth in popularity of online social sites many have begun using these communities as their primary marketing platforms.

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Boosting Competitiveness Among Employees

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Any organisation that aims at achieving its goals needs the main inputs as (i) financial resources – such as money and credit, (ii) physical resource – such as building and equipment and (iii) people.  For a long period, the significance of the third factor i.e. ‘people at work’ was not at all looked into seriously by the top level management because it had taken their human resource for granted.

The HR Challenges

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Human Resource Management in itself is an extremely challenging affair in the context of any corporation when we take it as a whole. However if we delve singularly into analysing the entire matter in the perspective of a nation, we are usually exposed to different insights about it. The entire scenario of Human resource might be of similar characters throughout the world but it varies from one country to another in certain features. The challenges that the Human Resource departments of Indian corporations have to face are manifold.

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