19 October 2018

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Groom New Leaders for a Window to Win 'Wealth'

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By V Pradeep Kumar

The recent global financial slowdown and downtrend is not just caused by corporate greed or system failure. It’s more to do with failed leadership.The churning that’s happening in today’s environment has caused tremors and shaken not just corporate leadership, but even political leadership across the world.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 February 2011 15:59 )

SMEs Need to Plan Biz Strategies Wisely

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Starting any new venture brings in multiple types of risks, opportunities and excitement. A true entrepreneur loves it. Such excitement and slightly higher self confidence can lead to some faulty approaches to start the business. One of such common wrong move is putting personal assets in business.The risk to business becomes higher when any entrepreneur puts his personal assets into the business. If something bad in business happens, the entire economic set up will go for a toss. Even though the project is undertaken after a thorough research, the entrepreneur comes under high pressure to make it profitable as soon as possible.

Make People Comfortable in Crucial Meetings

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By Ajay Wahi

 Somehow we are in the habit of starting critical meetings (client complaints, delivery schedules not met, quality problems, disruption in production, product launch delays, incorrect research, poor financial analysis etc.) on a serious note, and with worried faces, trying to avoid meeting anyone’s eyes. In fact, it is almost expected that senior level fraternity in any industry will enjoy seeing some gloomy faces around. What is a boss if s/he can’t scare others!

Fight Inertia to Fast Track Growth!

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By Pradeep Kumar

Organisational complacency is the most important factor hampering corporate performance. There is something more than strategies and plans that are required to keep an organisation going.Indeed, most organisations fail not because of faulty strategies and plans but more because of lack of implementation. The biggest obstacle in implementation is inertia, as being intrinsic, it slows down the pace and extent of processes and changes, making the organisation vulnerable due to time overrun and cost escalation.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 February 2011 11:19 )

'Infect' the Work Place with Data...

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By Ajay Wahi

This is the easiet thing to do but the most difficult to implement, because once there is data, people have to accept it and the conclusions it indicates – there is no place left to hide.

SME Learning Series: Educate-Innovate-Grow

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SME Learning Series: Phase 1  

Small Enterprise India.com’s “SME Learning Series” roadshow  is specially created to boost entrepreneurship and help SMEs streamline their existing business across the nation. The event will attract a SME gathering of 200+ in each locations. The invitees will be small and medium business owners (such as Managing Directors, Proprietors, Directors, Managing Partners, Partners, IT Managers, and so on) who own small and medium companies from industrial areas. There will be a great element of learning for SMEs from these events as they could take home many advanced and new information and could possibly adapt to their existing business.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 February 2011 11:21 )

The CEO Diary

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By Ajay Wahi

As a CEO, you need to be a thinker and a strategist, with your feet on the ground and your mind reaching for the sky. Your effectiveness as a CEO, however, will depend upon your ability to identify and understand the ground realities of your business.

Sustainability in Biz Growth is a Must for Survival

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By G K Pramod

G K Pramod, an expert in MSME Oriented pilot programmes, and the author of The Second Gear: Strategizing Business growth Plan for Micro Entrepreneurs,  shares  various aspects of Business Growth Plans in a series of columns through Small Enterprise India. Mr. Pramod discusses the importance of sustainability in business.

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