12 December 2019

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Advertising: It’s a Mix and Match Era!

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‘Mix and match’ that is what girls (or even women for that matter) with limited wardrobes do, when they have to arrive with a public space. They simply pick one top from here, one bottom from there, a bag from the next street and finally some bangles, ear rings and a chain from the next shop. No doubt always in any gatherings they manage to make a bigger style statement by spending nothing, well, you know all it takes is some sense of fashion.

Spotting Competency in the 'Business Radar'

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Competencies are the characteristics of a manager that lead to the demonstration of skills and abilities, which result in effective performance within an occupational area. Competency also embodies the capacity to transfer skills and abilities from one area to another.

Innovation in Marketing Spells Out Success

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Marketing innovation is something which can do wonders to any business. SMBs should consider marketing innovation as a priority as for them it is really essential.Innovation is such a bread earner that people have realised its potential at all levels.

Business Mantra: Innovate Your Marketing Ideas!

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From the Editor's Desk

 'Marketing strategy' is one of the mostly used terms in the business vocabulary trans globe. The success of any business, be it small or large, depends heavily on how good and effectively, the services or products companies have to offer, are being marketed. Hiring marketing professionals alone cannot make any wonders unless some innovative marketing strategies are applied which will have a direct effect on the psyches of the consumers/customers.

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