25 February 2020

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3 Is of Marketing: I + I + I = I x I x I

Mr Ashwin MerchantModern day marketing incorporates Information, Interactive, and Integration components while forming a strategy. No more marketing decisions can be taken from gut feeling, but data / information is critical while arriving to knowledge driven marketing – about customers, market, competitors and more. Whether print, electronic, digital media, one and more must be perfectly integrated for transition from one to another to seek more information, to respond, for texts to pictures media integration is essential. Not only that, all strategy for marketing must keep in mind interactive feature i.e. having a dialogue with the customers and potential buyers. It cannot be unidirectional i.e. monologue as it was before 10-15 years back. Theory of AIDS – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action must be executed in order using 3 Is of Marketing. If done rightly, results will have multiplying effect.


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