25 February 2020

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MARKETING PRESCRIPTION: Go where your customers go

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Go where your customers go

Ashwin MerchantSmart way of marketing is think like a customer – his behavior in daily life – what he does, where he goes, when, how often, what time he spends, what is the prime objective of his visit and much more. Gone are the days that you assume the first thing your customer will do in the morning is to read the news paper – may be true, but how far he has time at that time to read and understand your products and benefits, remember price and place where it will be available, unless you have sole objective of brand recall and increase brand equity. Instead, find vehicles that carry your  message – bus, rickshaw, local train and tram, taxi or place – restaurants, club, gym, super market, time – when hungry, thirsty, relaxed, rejuvenated, roaming, people – with colleagues, family, friends … So, Go where your customers go and promote your business – the important word is “your customer” and not any customer.

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