09 December 2019

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Three Cost Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business

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What your business needs for its survival is public exposure. For that you must not only make your target audience aware that your company exists, you must also motivate them to take the buying action. And there are many cost effectives ways you can depend up on when it comes to marketing/advertising your small business.

Let’s begin with your business card. This little piece of cardboard that sits in your wallet can be turned into a brilliant advertising tool. Yes, your business card is your very own advertisement in your pocket with your company logo, your name and your contact details on it.

In many ways, it is like a mini-ad. It can have a catchy headline, an attention-getting photo or logo, some brief text and necessary contact information. Your business card must work as a ‘memory jogger’. It should get the recipient to take the next step. It could be a phone call, web site or blog visit. Just one glance at your card, it should remind them about the chat you had with your potential client or referral source. To help those you have already talked with to remember your business, put a professional photograph of yourself.

The photo will help them connect your image to your written name, position and company. Don’t forget to include your business logo and a quick phrase of recognition that ensures that we are here to cater to your needs with world-class products and service

Option two is the pin up flyer. A simple sheet of paper in impressive colours carrying your company logo and a short write up can serve as a cost-effective option. And these flyers can be pinned up on everything from walls, fences, gates, notice boards to departmental stores, community centers, post offices, colleges, schools, parking lots, etc.

The best form of cost effective advertising is indeed integrated advertising. Look at those movie tickets, theatre tickets or even bus tickets and you will locate a logo carefully inserted in a corner, advertising a service or product. Moreover, discount coupons or general coupons can also carry ads and can be targeted. Such coupons are distributed at community events, schools, fairs/functions, and various other business events/gatherings. Note your target customer base and then opt for the product with maximum appeal to this profile of customer.

If your budget permits, then get involved in carnival/fair sponsorship which is much lower than established high-profile events. You could also consider sponsoring a local sports team or a community theatre group. Your involvement in such activities will help you build character around your brand, as the public will witness the achievements of these individuals carrying your company’s logo. Again, sponsorship can come in the form of cash, one-time donations, or free services and products that help such individuals get ahead in life while enriching the lives and cultural traditions of the society.

Every entrepreneur knows that free advertising can't be beaten. Here is an absolute free advertising method-word of the mouth. It is one of the most convincing and the longest surviving advertising strategy. Let your friends and family get involved in your marketing and advertising efforts and recommend your products and services to their friends and acquaintances. With their words your reputation will travel around your locality. Also encourage word of mouth advertising from your current customers. At times provide a free sample of your product to them and they will endorse your their friends and acquaintances. Since personal recommendations are more reliable, people will try your products at least for ones. The advantage is it won’t cost any money.

Explore these avenues of cost effective advertising and marketing strategies and who knows, someday you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the big boys!




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0 #1 Pervara Kapadia 2010-06-22 01:58
Good article. Additionally one could also look at Online Social Media as well.

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