17 October 2018

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Corporate Social Responsibility – Need of the Hour

Huge corporations and companies try to establish trust with their stake holders and clients with the increasing number of scandals every year. Trust plays a vital role in having a good rapport with business clients and customers. Corporate social responsibility plays vital role  in winning the customer confidence that will help growing the business. There are umpteen numbers of business models developed in order to achieve CSR objectives. 

The Rising Issues in HR Management

Human resource management (HRM) has always been a very challenging aspect of any business. Especially with so much happening in the world of Human Resource, change, indeed is the constant when we talk about Human resource management. There are new trends in the world of HR emerging every now and then and it is extremely important for anybody remotely associated with the world of business to know about such contemporary emerging issues. In this era globalisation human resource walks into has walked into a zone of new technology and certain emerging issues of management. Here we would talk the most relevant emerging and contemporary issues about human resource.

Boosting Competitiveness Among Employees

Any organisation that aims at achieving its goals needs the main inputs as (i) financial resources – such as money and credit, (ii) physical resource – such as building and equipment and (iii) people.  For a long period, the significance of the third factor i.e. ‘people at work’ was not at all looked into seriously by the top level management because it had taken their human resource for granted.

Workflow Analysis: Make Your Work 'Flawless'

Workflow analysis is a management tool generally associated with large organisations with repetitive tasks for having a clear definition of various roles and interactions. However, a simple workflow management technique or some basic principles of it can be introduced in any company to improve planning and productivity. The long-term objectives of Work Flow Analysis is reducing transactional costs and managing performance.

Employee Engagement: How to Produce Better Results?

The terminology “Employee Engagement” in the Human Resource arena is also known as a worker engagement or work engagement. It’s a concept related to business management. An engaged employee is engrossed completely in his job and is quite enthusiastic about the work assigned to him. Work engagement plays a major role in paving a path that boosts the interests of the company.

Tips to Tame Your Time

Time management is the most essential skill to lead a both personally and professionally successful life today. People who use the principles and techniques of time management are more effective and are the highest achievers in all walks of their life.

Spotting Competency in the 'Business Radar'

Competencies are the characteristics of a manager that lead to the demonstration of skills and abilities, which result in effective performance within an occupational area. Competency also embodies the capacity to transfer skills and abilities from one area to another.

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