17 November 2018

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Task Your Employees Ahead of Their Experience

By Ajay Wahi

This is an action, if done correctly, would earn you the loyalty of your key personnel forever! I seem to keep harping on people retention issues, but you know as CEO, this is one of the most crucial issues, and the biggest threat (besides poor cash flow management) to success that a SME faces.

Auditioning for Leadership

By V Pradeep Kumar

Years ago, there was an unprecedented response to one of our walk-in advert-isements for market-ing executives. To short list candidates, we decided on a group discussion (GD). Within minutes of announcing the group discussion round, three seemingly good candidates simply disappeared!

Right Way to Manage Appraisals

By V Pradeep Kumar

Appraisal process is not just about handing over money, but more about evaluating current skills and identifying skill gaps for current and future job responsibilities.Managing appraisals is one of the key tasks for a leader as the tremors of a badly managed process, can shake even a strong organisation. We are now witnessing a boom in the economy and a shortage of skilled manpower at all levels has further increased the importance of this task. However, the appraisal process generally leaves a bad taste in most organisations. Having been a part of the process on either side of the table, I recommend the following to smoothen the process.

Passion at Work is Path to Happiness

By V Pradeep Kumar

The last two decades have been very eventful for a resurgent and strong India, playing an influencing role in the world economy. The rise of the IT and services sector have led to an increase in GDP growth, per capita income and standard of living.

The Art of Getting an Organisation to Move

By V Pradeep Kumar

Getting an organisation to move ahead is indeed the most difficult task, for any corporate leader. This is somewhat easier with a new organisation, but most difficult when you start leading an existing organisation. I had, I would say, the good fortune of leading an existing organisation caught in its own vicious circle, coming in as an unwelcome outsider.

Apply Growth Management Strategies in Your Biz

By V Pradeep Kumar

While every organisation strives for growth, managing growth is a tough task, even for the most experienced and futuristic visionaries. Growth management is complex governed by not merely the efficient utilisation of internal resources, but also managing the external forces. Hence, growth management strategies should include exploitation of external opportunities, minimising the threat implications and utilising the internal resources.

Smart Time Management : Key to Success

 By V Pradeep Kumar

Do you find yourself running after deadlines, targets, and asking for extensions or finishing tasks, at the last minute? Are you generally late for your meetings? Are you compelled to work on a weekend? Do you generally come home completely stressed out and exhausted? And on a weekend, do you still feel drained out and prefer to stay at home, instead of fun and frolic activities with family?

How to Manage Diverse Workforce Within an Organisation?

Managing of diverse workforce inside organisations has become the order of the day today. It’s no longer the factor that used to be a buffer that led to greater efficiency at work and today it’s nothing short of a requirement. The reasons behind that is more than one. The chief among that being even in the era where technology has taken over from all quarters, people still are the most essential factor when it comes to work. People, as we all know are of different kinds, each differing from the other in almost all respects.

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