10 December 2019

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Strategy Planning - a Must for Start-ups

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With the growing entrepreneur ecosystem and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India, proper planning in strategy and execution is most important for business growth and to survive in the market.

Mumbai-headquartered corporate training and consulting company MasterClass Training and Consulting LLP has come up with "StrategySimplified", a unique programme which provides customised solutions to suit the needs of the company and helps in strategy planning.

More than 70 per cent of business leaders are not clear in their corporate strategic plan and in converting the plans into effective business models. Around 10,000 organisations or professionals needs to be trained every month across India, said Ambrish Chheda, chairman and managing director, MasterClass Training.

The programme helps organisations in developing a simplified strategic and execution plan in 4 pages instead of a 50-100 page report. It offers simplified strategies on marketing, retailing, on finance management, investment and softskills.

Due to recession in western economy, many multinationals are tapping the emerging markets like India and China. Every year, India is seeing thousands of crores of foreign direct investments. SMEs and start-ups have to make both log-term and short-term growth strategies to survive in this competition.

StrategySimplified provides consultancy services and helps companies in building methodologies and making vision statements at business leaders and CEO level employees.”The 4-page report custom-made for each company carries plans to be adopted in the next 3-5 years to improve their productivity, profitability and growth”, he said.

StrategySimplified gives strategic planning training with 24 seminars and 12 workshops under six broad categories in each city. It teaches characteristics, checklists and explain them, and they have to develop their own mission statement.

“From the industry perspective, people have started realising that with the fast-changing world, the strategy needs to be reviewed and updated quite often. What had worked 10 years back, the same strategy is not going to work now” says Ambrish.

“There is a need for simplified and redefined business strategy as strategy is the crucial thing in any business. It needs to be understood by all the employees of an organisation. Dissemination of knowledge in a simplified manner is a crucial task” he continues.

The training targets mid-level professionals, senior corporate executives, SMEs, start-ups, NGOs, government organsiations, trade and industry associations, and individuals and it provides simplified plans on business management, marketing, retailing, finance management, investment and softskills.

"We are planning to train over 1,000 mid-level professionals through seminars and workshops," Chheda said.

The company has plans to enter 5 cities every year over the next 10 years. For this year, it has plans to enter Bangalore and Pune, currently it has presence in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.


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