10 December 2019

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Tips for Scam Free Business Process

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The ultimate objective for any business owner with regards to the business operations always revolves around creating a transparent and flawless business process.

The ideal objective behind such mandate is to keep the business completely free from any kind of financial fraud that can tamper the company’s growth.

Every entrepreneur wants no vulnerability in the business process. But, even if they think they have taken every precaution to avoid fraud, their business still could be susceptible to scams. There are literally dozens of scams that can target small business owners at any time, and they come from the whole spectrum of sources: email scams, fax offers, phony phone calls and not to mention internal threats from staff.

Here are some tips to keep the business scam-free

Maintaining vigilance: Work alongside your employees, even if you think they're trustworthy. Even if you've trusted a bookkeeper who has been doing your work forever, you must realize that he or she is in the best position to steal from you. The best way to ensure fraud-free business process can be achieved when a strong agile vigilance is established.

Some surprise checks can really be helpful on this.

Give employees a break: Making employees use their vacation time helps you keep a closer eye on finances. A common thread seems to be that employees get caught while out on vacation or sick. Someone else does their job in their absence, and when something looks weird, indiscretions are found.

Research oriented approach: The Internet exposes your information to the world. But it also helps you investigate scams. If you get an e-mail and you're not sure about the subject matter, a quick search on Google will come up with a blog or forum where the topic is being discussed. This helps to a great extent in order to explore the authenticity of the content which came through that strange email.



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