25 January 2020

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The Rising Issues in HR Management

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Human resource management (HRM) has always been a very challenging aspect of any business. Especially with so much happening in the world of Human Resource, change, indeed is the constant when we talk about Human resource management. There are new trends in the world of HR emerging every now and then and it is extremely important for anybody remotely associated with the world of business to know about such contemporary emerging issues. In this era globalisation human resource walks into has walked into a zone of new technology and certain emerging issues of management. Here we would talk the most relevant emerging and contemporary issues about human resource.


If we take a brief look at the issues that are relevant in this context we would be able to figure out that the issues that have very clearly emerged in recent times are planning, acquisition and development of human resources, yielding to the demands of the work place and, most importantly, evolving a strategy that deals with that challenge of industrial conflict. Considering this as a management practice, we would find that it covers all aspects of personnel management and industrial relations, converging with the relatively new areas such as communication, counseling, training and development, and even job enrichment. The following parts of this article would be throwing more light on the subject.

The competitive advantage is dependent on the apt application of knowledge of good. The factor of managing men is no more the only important function of HRM; the function has gone beyond that into four major generic areas that include 1) roles 2) relationship 3) strategic focus and lastly 4) learning focus. These areas are different from that of the conventional ones like traditional, transitional and knowledge.

The innovation of HRM happens to be the most striking part of the latest emerging issues in the world of human resources. Crafting of new business strategies in the light of human resource is a major emergence in this particular field. Organisational restructuring is just another important and notable aspect of emerging human resource management issues. Creation of social networking in support of business is a notable aspect of the new trends. Enabling companies to global, leading to superior performance and creating knowledge workforce are other notable part of these emerging issues.

When we talk about recent emerging issues of human resource management we have to discuss the relevance of strategic HRM .It is that particular aspect of managerial decisions and actions that had regulated the long period of performability for any particular corporation. It comprises of environmental scanning, formulation of strategy, implementation of the same strategy, evaluation and organisation. The most significant productivity that strategic HRM offers is competitive advantage. This is done by building yielding capabilities of Human Resource in an organisation. Strategic HRM makes possible in strategy formulation by carrying out the SWOT analysis, and it also does it by executing and providing competence of human resources and competitive intelligence.

Emerging issues in recruitment are extremely relevant. Recruitment has become a two fold approach now. This is the reason that today both the organisation and the employee has become a lot more expecting of each other than they were before .The first approach is using resume data base for recruitment .The other trend that has gained prominence and utility is corporate poaching. Corporate poaching is the trend to recruit key employees of the other organisation.


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