23 February 2020

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How to make best use of virtual assistance for start ups

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Starting out on a new business venture can be both exciting and challenging. A large number of startups fail in their quest to fulfill their potential because of gross mismanagement. Founders or co founders often carry way too much responsibility on their shoulders handling all aspects of the business. As a result they are often unable to focus on their core business activities of product development, sales and marketing strategies thereby compromising the final output.

Since startups cannot afford to hire a large number of people to overlook all aspects of the business, it is the founder or co-founders have no choice but to be efficient multitask jugglers. This can sometimes lead to a situation where the core team players of the startup are spending more time of random tasks while not focusing enough attention on their products and services which are the crux or the lifeline of their business.

If you are one of those startup companies or entrepreneurs that are going through a similar situation, help is at hand in the name of virtual assistance.

Understanding Virtual Assistance:

Before understanding the benefits a virtual assistance can provide to companies and business owners especially startups let us try and understand what a virtual assistance really means.

Virtual assistance is basically an employee or assistance that works from a remote location and is hired to complete the random pre assigned tasks of the startup founder or co-founder. A large number of startups are hiring two virtual assistants from different time zones enabling them to accomplish more tasks without any time constraints. From posting job jobs online or handling correspondence and mail communication with vendors, manufacturers , distributors etc to handling webmaster tools, editing and booking keeping virtual assistance is administered a responsibility as per the specific need of the startups and its founder(s).

How Virtual Assistance can help Startups:

Hiring a virtual assistance is a good idea for new business establishments including startup companies as it allows the founders the time to focus on their primary goal rather than working on multiple business related activities. For example rather than sending out mail invites for a new product launch, the founder can very well use the time to develop and refine new features for their product or strategize their marketing activity.

Virtual assistants work in collaboration with the founder of the startup company handling all extracurricular activates of the business establishment allowing owners the space to work on important goals.

Five Common Tasks Accomplished by Virtual Assistants:

  • Appointments and Job Posting: Each business establishment need to have a set of meetings with different audiences from their vendors to dealers, manufacturers, distributors etc. Rather than the founder or co founder handling such appointments, a virtual assistance can be the one taking care after all appointments and scheduling. Startups seeking work force for their company can ask the virtual assistance to place job related advertisements and placement request on various job portals rather than the people in the top management posting the same.
  • Correspondence: The owner of a startup company receives a lot of mails and correspondence from a number of people. Some of it may be very important while others may just be spam or unwanted messages or invites. A virtual assistant / remote secretary can filter out the unwanted messages received in communication allowing the founder or co-founder to receive the desired communication that can help save their time.
  • Newsletter Preparation and Distribution: Virtual assistants can be a part of the team that can have a direct control for newsletter preparation and distribution. Rather than the founder being actively involved in daily or weekly newsletters, virtual assistants can work with the editorial team for all newsletters and promotional mailings and listings.
  • Contents and Social Media Promotion: Specialised virtual assistants can handle all content writing and social media activity for a startup organization that plays an intrinsic role in any new product launch activity. The founders and core management can work on refinement of their core activity of product development without worrying about their online branding.
  • Chasing Business: Business is all about sales and chasing new sale avenues is a challenging and time consuming affair for a new company or startup venture. Rather than the core management chasing prospective sale clients and businesses, virtual assistants can be given a role in handling all sales promotion activity responsible for increasing the supply chain mechanism for the business.


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Very good article regarding startups

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