05 December 2019

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Tips to Tame Your Time

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Time management is the most essential skill to lead a both personally and professionally successful life today. People who use the principles and techniques of time management are more effective and are the highest achievers in all walks of their life.

Time once lost can never be regained therefore one should use his/her time explicitly like money. According to some reports, people all over the world waste about two hours every day on an average. Believe that being successful doesn’t make you manage your time well but managing your time well does make you successful. Being a corporate executive, managing your time well becomes all the more crucial. Managing people takes time.

Following techniques can be used in order to manage one’s time effectively:-

The 80:20 Rule-  Pareto Principle or the 80:20 rule states it clearly that 80% of unfocussed task generates only 20% results.  This means the remaining 80% results were achieved only by 20% of the effort. By applying this rule you can concentrate as much of your energy and resources to a high payoff tasks. This ensures that one attains maximum benefits in limited amount of time.

Beating Procrastination- Procrastination is a habit of putting off things to be done now for some later period of time.  That is usually done to pursue something more enjoyable or comfortable.  Procrastinators work as many hours in their day as normal people but their productivity in terms of  actual work is negligible.  They may be spending their time on un official matters like online chatting, online games etc.  One of the main reasons of procrastination is the inability to differentiate between the more important and less important tasks.

Prioritisation- It is important to recognise the tasks that need your immediate attention and action. One must make it a habit to plan the work to be done and adhere to those plans to the maximum possible extent. Make a to-do list for yourself on a day to day basis as it would help you to differentiate between primary and secondary work.

Delegation-  At your work place delegate the work to your juniors and colleagues. Remember that you can accomplish a lot more with the help of others.  Encourage them to maintain deadlines, have concrete goals and most importantly treat your people well.

Learn to say no- Link the task to be done to your own agenda, if it, doesn’t fit the bill to accomplish the same, then just avoid doing it or rather don’t do It.

People who tend to follow the time management principles realise that they have accomplished a lot in their professional and personal lives than what they would have achieved otherwise.

“Remember that time is Money” – Benjamin Franklin


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