23 July 2019

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Make People Comfortable in Crucial Meetings

By Ajay Wahi

 Somehow we are in the habit of starting critical meetings (client complaints, delivery schedules not met, quality problems, disruption in production, product launch delays, incorrect research, poor financial analysis etc.) on a serious note, and with worried faces, trying to avoid meeting anyone’s eyes. In fact, it is almost expected that senior level fraternity in any industry will enjoy seeing some gloomy faces around. What is a boss if s/he can’t scare others!

Happy at Home - Happy at Office!

By Ajay Wahi

Large companies have many people to help the company grow through a combination of hard work and smart work. But in a SME, it is the CEO and his relatively small leadership team on whom this responsibility rests. It is impossible to fulfill this responsibility without devoting extra time and full dedication, which in turn are possible only if there is support from the family. In fact, I would go so far as to say that you should accept the position of CEO of a SME if and only if you have the full emotional support and backing of your family.

Employee Satisfaction: Scope and Influencing Factors

No company cannot achieve its goals if it does not have the right set of employees. The employees in a company largely determine the success of the company. This is the reason why companies put in extensive efforts in choosing candidates for their company. Most of the times, skills and knowledge of the employee is considered to gauge his performance in the company. One factor that is being overlooked by most of the company owners is employee satisfaction.

Leadership and Healthy Capitalism

By V Pradeep Kumar

 Let’s look at the origin of the current recession, which is an outcome of the actions of greedy leaders who lacked even minimum EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient) and believed only in the pursuit of money disregarding the means, exploiting the loopholes of the economic, constitutional and legal environment. They believed in a ‘win’ situation for themselves at the cost of other stakeholders. It’s a matter of some satisfaction that such selfish leaders are now being brought before the pillars of justice. However, is humane leadership a weakness or strength? This is a debate that arises in today’s recession. There are two undeniable outcomes of the recession that have triggered this debate.

Follow an Open Door Policy in the Office...

By Ajay Wahi

This relates to the culture you would like to create in your company No matter how new / old the SME, you need to emphasise creating a strong culture, because that is the environment people breathe, eat, smell and feel. That is what would either turn them On or Off, impacting their productivity positively or negatively.

The Rules for the Art of Motivating!

By V Pradeep Kumar

In organisations we often come across some highly enthusiastic and motivated people radiating positive energy all around. Such people are the star performers in organisations and the tragedy is that such people are so few and rare. Ever wondered where does that energy and enthusiasm come from?

HR Talk: How to be a Good Employee?

By V Pradeep Kumar

It sounds a strange subject to discuss ‘How to be a good employee?’. Ask any employee and you will find that every one of them consider themselves as a good employee. To discover the truth, ask any employer and you will be surprised.

The HR Challenges

Human Resource Management in itself is an extremely challenging affair in the context of any corporation when we take it as a whole. However if we delve singularly into analysing the entire matter in the perspective of a nation, we are usually exposed to different insights about it. The entire scenario of Human resource might be of similar characters throughout the world but it varies from one country to another in certain features. The challenges that the Human Resource departments of Indian corporations have to face are manifold.

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