23 July 2019

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Outsourcing: Smart Way of Doing Business

We are living in smart times where the order of the day is smart living, smart thinking and last but not the least smart working as well. Smart working is again a very concrete resultant of smart thinking. Outsourcing is just one of those miracles of smart thinking in recent times that has delivered results like never before.

Tackling the 'People Problems' in Companies

According to a research, one in every five small companies finds it tough to touch the growth curve because of recruitment problems. The root cause of this problem is the salary structure and other benefits that larger firms offer, which the smaller firms cannot afford to.. Besides a large number of small firms lack the in-house HR capabilities to attract the cultivated staff.

Past Perfect! A Retrospection to HR in India

“Personnel management is the planning, organising, directing and controlling, of the procurement , development , compensation, integration, maintenance, and separation of human resource to the end that individual, organisational and social objectives are accomplished.”

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