23 July 2019

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How to Tackle Absenteeism?

Absenteeism has emerged as a prevalent defect in the organisational business conductance. It is the decision by the employees to be absent from their job, work or obligation when the management desires their presence at workplace. It becomes graver when the employees are absent without a prior notice and then justifying their absence with fake reasons.

Are You Drained Out? Check Out these Quick Facts

Recent research claims that over 40% of employees today are suffering from work stress. Due to increasing challenges of the business environment, people find it difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle. In the past a job in a large company ensured lifetime security. But now the scenario is totally changed. To add on to the problem, recession blues and companies downsizing their workforce have increased the tension to much higher levels. This article focuses on the causes of stress and techniques to overcome it.

Be Ready to be on the 'Hot' Seat...

Interviews are an inevitable element in an organisational set up. These interviews may be of different types in different situations like the personal/ panel/ telephonic interviews. There are always a minimum of two parties involved in the process of interview, i.e., the interviewer and the interviewee. Therefore, interview skills are very important from the point of view of both the parties. There are certain arts or skills both the parties should acquire to make the interviews effective.

Organisational Management: Prudence Proves Success

All organisations are constantly in the look out for bringing in any aspects of change, be it in work culture, in adopting new technologies, or even in company policies in an effort to keep abreast in the highly competitive business scenario.  Suppose the organisations want to stay up to date with the modern technology, they have to make certain changes in their system.

Performance Appraisal: Tapping the HR Potential

Performance appraisal means systematic evaluation of the personality and performance of each employee in an organisation, by his supervisor or some other person trained in the techniques of merit rating. Performance appraisal is also known as performance evaluation, progress rating, merit rating, merit evaluation, etc.

The Art of Dealing With Office Politics!

If you are working in a company with over three employees, you need to deal with office politics! No matter how much an employee hates it, he/she can’t escape or ignore office politics.

How to Handle Troublesome Employees?

Everyone who has ever worked for an organisation knows, that people who are difficult to handle with at work are a sad reality. Ensuring that business goes on smoothly and everyone in the organisation gives his/her best, it has to be remembered that handling difficult people is a priority.

Polish Your Soft Skills to Climb the Ladder of Success

Employee’s education and certification is an area which could drive great returns. SMBs have understood this, but a thrust is still required to speed up this awareness level.

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