25 February 2020

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How Fun at Work Lightens the Work- A New Trend

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Most companies have now organized ways and means to make office life more interactive, colorful and fun for the employees.

Remember about a decade back, when people used to go to work on time and return home on time? Work was always associated with a strict boss, only work and absolutely no fun.

But the tables have turned. The current generation has not only understood but also imbibed the concept of “enjoy your work, and you will not have to work a day in your life”. Along these lines, most companies have organized ways and means to make office life more interactive, colorful and fun for the employees.

How Fun Helps
In today’s scenario, the age range of people employed in organization is fairly vast. From college goers to family people, men and women both occupy the employed range. More so, with growing industries, skill sets and requirements, the options for people have increased considerably. As such, a boring work experience is not something that will help employees stick to their seats.

Now, people stay loyal to companies for more than just a salary. Employees work for personal growth, social status, networking abilities and learning abilities. Hence, many organizations offer periodic training to employees to facilitate more growth for their resources.

More so, when employees are enjoying their day at work, the chances of better team work, better productivity and overall growth for the enterprise are higher. Fun activities like games, competitions and sports events help the employees to develop a better bond with each other, which ensures that they will be able to work better together. Further, employees start associating the work place with positive experiences, making them more motivated to come in to work every day.

Methods of Introducing Fun at Work
While one has to ensure that work ethic and office discipline are maintained, introducing a fun-at-work culture is something that requires precision and understanding.

  1. Keep certain activities available for the employees. For example, if your premise allows it, keep a pool table, a table tennis table and probably chess boards. These will be available for regular employee recreation. However, one has to ensure that employees don’t use them for more than a specified amount of time in the day. Certain organizations stipulate that if the employee has completed his/her target for the day, they can enjoy the recreation activities for however long they want. This motivates employees to complete work and then have some fun.
  2. Set apart one day in a month for “no work”. This day is dedicated to activities like picnics, LAN connected games in the office, or simply impromptu fun activities. In fact, the latest trend in this direction is having different experts come in on different days to educate the employees in skills that are not related to the work. For example, one day they may have a workshop on origami, and the other day they may be introduced to understanding how an engine works. This may not have a direct relation with the organization.
  3. Bringing the office culture to a more casual level. One organization had organized for all employees to be given a work nickname that suited their working style and nature. The nick name was pasted at their work stations and employees were to refer to each other and their boss only by the nickname. This made the work environment very light, and helped people bond better with each other. Hierarchy should be maintained at work, but the communication can be kept free, to maintain a balance between fun and work.
  4. Rewards and recognition are the two of the best employee pillars. However, couple these with fun, and the organization will be buzzing with energy. It is normal for organizations to have annual rewards and recognition for the performing employees. But does that have to be limited to work alone? How about an award for the one who gets the best food to work? Or for the person who dresses the best? How about an award for the crankiest employee? All of these will lighten the mood of the office and help the employees enjoy the regularity and mundaneness of coming in to work everyday.
  5. One day for voicing. While not many organizations have the guts to face this, having one day dedicated to all employees voicing silly complaints about seniors is a great and fun way to get feedback, appraise work and also to work on hierarchical flaws. While many employees may feel awkward or scared in the start, it should start with the top management complaining about the boss, and then go lower. While many silly complaints may crop up, in the laughter, several serious issues could be addressed as well.

Fun at work is a new trend because earlier life for an employed person was very limited. Now, fun at work is a requirement due to the awareness in the employees, the general lifestyle of people in urban India and the innate need for people to enjoy life.

The author is a Life Coach, Author and Voice Over Artist based in Ahemedabad.


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