15 December 2019

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Employee Loyalty: Key to success

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For any business, team work is essential. For entrepreneurs it is a must to explore the best possible ways to engage people around him for his business In most cases of small business owners, this becomes a challenge because entrepreneurs often look for such people to take responsibilities but they don’t really think on enabling those people around him to take those responsibilities.

There are few other important aspects in this area but employee loyalty becomes a major aspect in this.

For example, a top performer salesperson brings big cash or an accountant who maintain the books could be considered as your top employees and they are the most valuable asset for the company. They carry with them business’ key of intellectual property and match it with their experience. An entrepreneur should do all the possible things to encourage such employees, in a way, that their loyalty can be increased.

Most employers use salary adjustments, bonuses and retirement packages to reward employees, but those are partially effective ways to create loyalty. The retention methods have to go beyond money -- it comes down to how employees are treated.

Here are some tips that can help in growing the employee loyality.

Tips for Improving Employee loyalty

Respecting employee’s work-life issues:

If the employees are working long hours, cut them some slack when they have a doctor's appointment or need to pick up their kids from school. If you're considerate of work-life issues, no amount of money will tempt your talent to walk away.

Establishing an open communication:

Opening a two-way communication is key. Meet with each employee, regularly and ask how they're being treated, if they have the training they need and if they feel they’re doing meaningful work. Then start addressing their needs,. If your staff members feel involved in the company, they'll be more satisfied with their work.

Acknowledge and respect employee’s unique qualities:

Don't expect an introvert to be happy as a telemarketer, or force a parent to travel all the time. If top employees' lifestyles change, adapt to their needs -- but don't make assumptions about what they want.


Help your employees become their best:

Training and education are high priorities for most people. If you help your star hone her skills, she won't be tempted to look for a job with an employer who will. Offer in-house training programs and make sure your managers spend time working one-on-one with people in their department to help all employees improve their skills.

Clarity on goals and objectives of responsibility:

Develop a clear mission that distinguishes your organization from your competitors. Communicate that mission thoroughly so each employee understands it. Is your organization involved in projects that coincide with your employees' values? If you link your goals with your employees' goals, they’ll feel good about their jobs on a deeper level -- all of a sudden work is more than just a way to pay their bills.

Respect recognition and achievement:

An employee who feels respected, gets recognition for their work and has a real sense of achievement is going to be a loyal employee. Create an atmosphere where key employees are the 'go-to' people for their area. Recognize them for their work and highlight their accomplishments to others. Feeling respected by ownership or management will go a long way toward keeping your employees loyal.



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