15 December 2019

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The HR Challenges

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Human Resource Management in itself is an extremely challenging affair in the context of any corporation when we take it as a whole. However if we delve singularly into analysing the entire matter in the perspective of a nation, we are usually exposed to different insights about it. The entire scenario of Human resource might be of similar characters throughout the world but it varies from one country to another in certain features. The challenges that the Human Resource departments of Indian corporations have to face are manifold.

Managing of knowledge workers must top the list of challenges faced by the Indian organisations. Basically, here we are trying to look at diversified kind of people who tend to disobey the principles of management for the conservative group. This comes down to the facts that include higher educational qualifications and shouldering of responsibilities at a much lesser age than their predecessors. These people are usually subjected to high bargaining power due to the knowledge quotient and skills they possess, there is without doubts very high demand for these knowledge workers, with good academic attributes and technological knowledge. This paradigm budge is perceived in terms of obligation towards organisational career to that of individualised career management. The management of these set of people is extremely important for the growth of a particular organisation.

Managing technological challenges is another challenge that the human resource division of the Indian corporations are taking care of. In every area organisations are trying to acquire more and more of technological acumen. It is clear after the initial debates that preparing the employees, especially the seniors to recognize technological changes is really a challenge. We have figured in recent times that sectors like banking have undergone revolutionary changes enabled by technology. It is arguably the most vital challenge for the human resource departments to meet.

The major part of the success of an organisation depends upon the human capital, thus to get the most competent human capital ,the HRM should focus upon recruiting the best ,managing the best and retaining the best. Clearly HR managers have a key role to play in this case. Often it is seen that a corporation had failed to do well because of the lack of competent human resource managers.

 Developing Leadership is the most interesting challenge that the human resource division faces. It is important to note that there is not that importance given to developing leadership at the organisational level. Inspite of leadership being discussed on the basis of traits and certain qualities, in an organisational it is more of knowledge based characteristic. The challenge here is to develop individuals who have the performance potential on the basis of their past records and knowledge and growing them up into leaders with the required part of soft skills being inculcated.

 Change management in the volatile Indian economic framework is another major challenge faced by the human resource department of the organisation.

 Human resource departments have evolved over the last few decades considerably in India and they are still in the process of development and evolution. That implies there is still major scope and necessity of improvement. The chief goal of human resource departments in our country is to focus on a strategic outlook that aims to the improvement of the working environment and proper human resource planning. Even though it is an influence of the western culture but it is undeniable that the Indian work culture is also changing considerably.


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