15 December 2019

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The Art of Dealing With Office Politics!

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If you are working in a company with over three employees, you need to deal with office politics! No matter how much an employee hates it, he/she can’t escape or ignore office politics.

Office politics has both its pros and cons. However, one must be smart enough to utilise office politics for his/her benefit. An employee must act tactfully to handle organisational politics since it can’t be avoided.

Office politics can be dealt with in the following ways:-

• Avoid being an active member of the office’s grapevine- Don’t gossip about irrelevant matters with colleagues in the office. Maintain a professional relationship with your fellow co-workers.

• Be Optimistic: - Never talk about the negative aspects of a person or project, not even the things going wrong. Try and see the positive aspects that every situation might bring with itself.

• Remember actions speak louder than words: - Your acts leave a long lasting impression on others therefore one must be careful about his/her actions. Act in the right way and speak the correct words.,

• Be friendly: - Be nice to people, even with your juniors. Give the person the credit he/ she deserves for the work done.

• Be Professional: - Just confine yourself to the work you perform and other official tasks you need to get engaged in. Don’t discuss other official or unofficial stuff with colleagues. It would be best if others are able to see you as a person who is neutral to office politics.

• Perform your job effectively and efficiently: - Be whole heartedly committed to the work you do. Set an example for others to follow.

• Adapt yourself to the circumstances:- Develop the ability to adapt yourself to the environment without creating much difficulties for self and others. This works as a bonus for your chances of being likeable at the work place.

• Encourage straight talk: - Always encourage your colleagues to be direct in their conversation. Try creating an environment of open communication to the maximum possible extent.

The above tactics would be useful in surviving the office politics. Always try to find a diplomatic way of dealing with difficult situations. Whenever apprehensive about things maintain a positive approach.  People who smartly handle office politics turn out be successful in corporate world. If you are a newbie, just watch and analyse the situation first, don’t get involved in a hurry, play from the outside and jump in after making a game plan and learning the rules. 

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