28 May 2020

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How Fun at Work Lightens the Work- A New Trend

Most companies have now organized ways and means to make office life more interactive, colorful and fun for the employees.

Tips for Employee Motivation

The business owner must have to think and examine the current status of his/her workforce energy levels. Because positive frame of minds can reflect result oriented efforts. Motivation often brings great value which higher salaries cannot bring.

Here are some ideas on How to motivate and energize the workforce.

Employee Loyalty: Key to success

For any business, team work is essential. For entrepreneurs it is a must to explore the best possible ways to engage people around him for his business In most cases of small business owners, this becomes a challenge because entrepreneurs often look for such people to take responsibilities but they don’t really think on enabling those people around him to take those responsibilities.

There are few other important aspects in this area but employee loyalty becomes a major aspect in this.

The Importance of Humour at Work!

By V Pradeep Kumar

The concept of humour in management is one of the least researched and written about aspect. Many organisations have been using group ‘laughing exercises’in the morning of a typical working day to achieve positive benefits of promoting health, creating a strong sense of belonging and community.

Create Employer Branding to Attract Talent

By V Pradeep Kumar 

In today’s globalised world, the rules of business have changed. The adage ‘customer is king’ is indeed a reality and the ‘customer’ is the focal point of business. A customer today isn’t bothered so much, about where the product is manufactured or sourced, as long as it meets his requirement.

HR Talk: Importance of Body Language

By V Pradeep Kumar

 Whether someone is a successful sales person or not, is generally reflected on the face and in his body language. A bright, cheerful person with high energy levels is more likely to be a good sales person rather than someone else. Why is it so?

Business Communication: Its Needs and Characteristics

Communication has a major role to play for the well being and growth of an organization. Sometimes communication alone can be responsible for rescuing an organization out of distressed times while the lack of it can be the sole cause for its debacle. Communication has evolved into one of the key factors in the aspects of organizational operations that as even a few years back not given enough importance.

Groom New Leaders for a Window to Win 'Wealth'

By V Pradeep Kumar

The recent global financial slowdown and downtrend is not just caused by corporate greed or system failure. It’s more to do with failed leadership.The churning that’s happening in today’s environment has caused tremors and shaken not just corporate leadership, but even political leadership across the world.

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