20 January 2020

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Hello It's Yellow Page Ads!

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If you're not advertising in your local Yellow Pages, you are missing out on those ready- to-buy consumers. Most of the customers are orthodox and conventional when it comes to making that crucial buying decision, a printed word is still more worth than a thousand pictures to them. Yellow page listings will definitely emphasis on your credibility and legitimacy making your prospects more comfortable about calling you. 

 Yello Page ads are very important to your small business. Unlike other forms of advertising, YP ads are sold on an annual basis. You can purchase a variety of ad sizes, ranging from just setting your listing in boldface type to a large full-page advertisement. Today with the advent of online media, YP can also be found on the web. Flip through your local YP directories, the very first full page ad you see is not randomly placed. The ad placement is based on seniority basis. An advertiser appearing first in the listing means he indeed has been there for a longer period.

Since YP listings are the most accepted and effective way of advertising, the competition is brutal. When a customer searches for particular products and services, rather than your specific brand, they are exposed to the listings and ads of all your competitors, some of whose ads might occupy a larger space. A competitor's half- or full-page ad that runs next to your business-card-size ad might give an involuntary impression that the business with the larger ad is more established of the two. So purchase a substantial space for your ads to beat the competition and to avoid being seen as a peanut.

If you can't afford to run a decent-sized YP ad, look at your competitors' ads and see if you can match or come close to matching the sizes they have.

Elements of an effective YP Ad


Headlines are important to any ads. Put your headline in bold typeface or it should be at least a point size or two larger than your body copy.

Special offers & incentives

When you write your body copy, include any special information or unique and exclusive product or service benefits you offer which would entice a consumer select your brand over any other business listed under your business category. You can also list any special incentives that your business offers, such as free maintenance checks, free home delivery etc.

Contact information

List your contact information as well as any credit cards that you accept. Also add your hours of operation to the listing.

Finally Proofread

Once your ad goes in the Yellow Pages, it is going to stay that way for an entire year. So make sure your copy is foolproof. If you sell ‘mini tools’ and your ad says you sell ‘mini tops’ then you'll have to wait until next year to fix the error.
The YP advertising benefits are many. People are usually willing to make a purchase when they use the Yellow Pages. Studies show that eight out of ten consumers contacted a contractor from an ad in the Yellow Pages. Out of that number, 40% made a purchase and an additional 40% said they were likely to make a purchase. The Yellow Pages also have the ability to target an audience in a specific geographical area. No matter what other forms of advertising you adopt, Yellow Page ads will remain one of the best ways to provide vital information about your business to the public.

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