25 January 2020

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How about letting your advertisements travel around the city letting as many customers as possible, know about the existence of your establishment? If you want to reach to a mass audience, why not give a try to transit advertising? Transit advertising refers to placing an ad on anything with wheels, and which is always on the move.

 It is a powerful way of outdoor advertising by means of placing advertisements on the exteriors of buses, cabs, and other vehicles, as well as interiors of buses, bus shelters, trains, and train stations. Transit advertising can be subdivided into interior cards (signs placed above seats or in luggage areas), exterior posters (signs placed on the sides also called king and queen signs), roofs or backs of trains, busses, taxis, etc.), and station, terminal, platform posters.

The beauty of transit advertising lies in the fact that it can not be ignored or tuned out. It surely engages the viewers. The most familiar types of transit advertising are the ads placed on the interiors and exteriors of buses. Both the passengers and pedestrians surely notice these ads. Since buses travel everywhere—from city to suburbs to residential areas, flashing your message to people from all walks of life. With ‘bus day programs’ getting popular, even interior transit ads can reach a larger audience.

To get your advertising on the move, purchase a space on the front or back of a bus, or along the sides, where the largest exterior signs are found. Transit ads on buses (also called "bus wraps") are like moving billboards and they're hard to miss. The cons of such ads are their cost! If you cannot afford to wrapping the whole bus, you can wrap just the front or back end of a bus. Using transit advertising means that you don't have to worry about buying ad space in the prime time slot of TV as well as radio programmes.

The advantages of transit ads are many. First of all it reaches drivers and passengers no matter what they are paying attention to. Since they are large, colorful designs they demand attention and can not be ignored or turned off like Television or Radio. While giving you exclusivity in your space, it also has flexibility of the size and location. Large exposure is another advantage. Local customers as well as visitors to your area will be exposed to your large moving messages. Exterior signs on bus can be noticed by people in their cars, stopped behind a bus or those, waiting until a bus starts moving.

If you have decided to put your ads on the move, be sure that your designs are visually highly attractive. Your message should be simple and easy to read as well as understand for your target audience. But if you choose only this method, you will not be able to reach to all those new customers so use outdoor billboards and transit signs together.



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