20 January 2020

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Coupon Ads: Hot Deal for Your Customers,Maximum Profit for Your Biz

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Grabbing a hot deal is both the buyer’s and seller’s dream. And here is a terrific way to market and advertise your business which also allows your customers a little discount on goodies and gadgets.  Yes, discount coupons are here to do great things for your small business by boosting your sales and by winning new consumers. If your business depends on local consumers, this may be the most effective way to hit your target market. Coupon use is prevalent in the grocery arena, but many non-grocery stores publish their own coupons both online and in newspapers. One can generate coupons for haircuts, shoes, movies, clothing and many more.

If your business has online presence, the best way would be to publicise your discount coupons on the web. You can advertise your coupons either through your own website/blogs or through online coupon directories, where people search for discounts and hot deals. Additionally, coupons can be publicised in the place of any ad - whether you publicize in print publications like papers or magazines or you publicise on the web using banner adverts, e-zines, social media sites like Facebook or Orkut, classified sites etc,.

To make your coupon advertising/marketing effective and keep them attention-grabbing, run your campaigns around certain holidays or festivals which helps you emphasise on the ‘restricted time offer’ factor. Hire a print company to get your designs done and print your coupons. You can even save money by designing your own with software or online programs which provides you free templates. Once the design part is done, print individual discounts, mailing postcards, stamp the other side of business cards or submit your design as adverts to publications or online publishers.

Coupons can give discounts, gifts, additional items and so on. To bring a steady flow of attention to your company, run multiple coupon campaigns across the year.

Coupons are all around us. Take a close look at them. Did any of them get your attention? If yes, what made it stand out from the rest? What made you want to read further? When considering your coupon offer, it's important to consider your prospects. Ask yourself, what’s in it for them?

When planning your discount, never forget to include the cut-off point or expiration date, any limitations and the way to redeem the discount. Also include your business contact info and website address so the prospect can call with questions or get additional information. Make sure you add a picture or images that demonstrate the worth the shopper will receive. You can find free design suggestions and lay outs from Google Images for vouchers. While offering a discount, your goal is to introduce your company to new consumers and get them into your shop or office.

If you offer too small a reduction, your discount will not get any attention and will not attract new business. If your coupon does not spark curiosity, target audience will not care about redeeming your offer. When you begin enticing new clients with your coupons, start building a coupon shopper list. Ask them if they would enjoy being notified when new discounts or specials offers become available. And you may then contact them when you run your next coupon campaign and steadily grow your customer base.

Why Are Coupon Marketing So Effective?

Since coupons are for limited time and have an expiration date, it emphasis on the urgency to buy right away. And equally attracts upper and lower income households, as it offers them a smart buy. Coupons have the ability to pull in business because it offers people an opportunity to save money. While customers see coupons as a way to save money or get something for free, it can work as an inexpensive marketing tool for your business. Consumers have the tendency to break routine shopping patterns to take advantage of a good offer and deals.

When you offer a good discount you are attracting new customers into your business and also re-activate old customers who have been lured away by your competitor. Coupon advertising also provides the opportunity for additional profits through sale of related items. When you offer a special offer on a coupon to attract a customer, s/he might probably end up buying additional items that carry a full profit margin. 

And you would not have had drawn this profit had it not been for the coupon getting the customer through the door. Coupons can also build store traffic which results in additional impulse purchases.  They are measurable and accountable. By counting the number of coupons redeemed you can evaluate the effectiveness of the offer.  If a coupon campaign is done properly, the company can get an idea of its effectiveness compared to print, radio and television ads.



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