20 January 2020

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Mobile Billboards: Pocket Friendly Way of Advertising

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In a consumer savvy world filled with a wide array of entertainment and media options, it is more difficult than ever for your small business to reach a targeted audience. Be it a florist shop or a local packers & movers (anything for that matter) you need to move your business to see it flourish. And the easiest way to make people buy your service or products is by making them aware of the existence of your business. For that you need to advertise.

And here is a truly cost effective way of advertising- Mobile Billboards. Yes, mobile billboards are the perfect way to get your message out on the streets and to the consumers.

While thinking of putting up the outdoor advertising, the very favoured and liked option, which almost all the companies consider, is the outdoor mobile billboards. The outdoor mobile billboards give you the advantage of a huge canvas in order to put your message in front of the people and also give you a chance to reach thousands of people at a time.
Mobile billboard advertising is the type of advertising that no other medium can offer. Your brand/company/product goes everywhere these vehicles go. Every place where there is public your advertisement is going to be there to deliver them your message. Mobile billboard advertising is definitely the best way to make people hear your voice.

And when I say Mobile billboard I don’t t mean those huge trucks, vans or buses. I am talking about much simpler yet effective mode of mobile billboard advertising- Ad-bikes/bicycles! Ad-bikes/bicycles are easy, fast and inexpensive way of Mobile billboard advertising. They are the best options when you want your business to reach the maximum number of potential buyers at a minimum budget.

Let the bike/bicycle carry your posters and move it in almost all the corner of the city making more and more people know about your products and services. Make a small advertising billboard and place it on the bike and promote the product. Moving the bike/bicycle in entire city is very beneficial because it allows huge mass of the people to know at a time.

By putting your message on mobile advertising bikes/bicycles, you can have access to areas where traditional outdoor advertising is zoned out for the posters or billboards. These bikes/cycles can travel through the  targeted areas of the town.

The biggest advantage of this type of advertising is that people cannot ignore it. Unlike television, paper and radio mobile billboard advertising doesn't leave an option to be ignored. If not million and at least thousands of people can view it every day. Plus the best part is the place where your company is being advertised is not over loaded with other commercials and advertisements.

 The ad-bike can move in all parts and corners of the city like hospitals, main roads, parks, highway and where not. They offer you exposure in expensive uptown communities, main stores and shopping centers and even in places where people go and work.

A bicycle/bike billboard will work well in a tourist area, a small town or even in big cities because it draws attention to whatever you are advertising for sale. Something different and unique that doesn’t cost a lot of money is the key to successful mobile billboard advertising


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