24 January 2020

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Give Your Customers a 'Gifted' Experience

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We feel elated and happy when our friends join with us on our birthdays and take out the gifts they bought for us as we cut the cake. Just like everyone else, we like giving and receiving gifts, not just on our birthday, but any days. Irrespective of gender or age, gifts play magic in everyone’s life and relationship.

If gifts can deepen the bonds why can’t we take it into the business level? Why can’t entrepreneurs start giving gifts to their customers and add a personal touch the business?

Start giving away gifts to your customers as they come and shop. If you are running a book store, and when a customer shops for hundred rupees give him/her a pen for free, if he shops for more, gift something else, and it is quite obvious that it will make him/her happy. There are chances that he/she tells about your shop to their friends, while he/she himself becomes a loyal customer of yours. After all who doesn't like getting things for free?

Yes, promotional giveaways (When it comes to business let’s use the word) are the best way for you to advertise the goods or services of your business. It does not necessarily have to be expensive to be effective. The items that are given away can be anything that you can afford to give to a large number of people. It can be such as pens, magnets, key chains and calendars. Other than this, you could also add a free sample to goods that are available to the customers already. The idea that you are getting more without paying for it should be exploited effectively.
Bottom-line, you have to make sure that the item that you hand out has something to do with your business. Once you decide what should be your give away, add a little information about your company printed on it, such as the logo of the company, or some set of information about the company such as business name, and contact details etc. There are many different types of logos that can be inscribed on the items that you give away. Since your logo and the information will be seen everywhere the item goes, this type of marketing is bound to create some sort of impact.

Few promotional Giveaway ideas

• Ink pen
• Inscribed mugs
• Custom sticky notes
• Organiser
• Calendars
• Hats
• Umbrellas

One easy way for you to check if the promotional giveaway that you are offering will promote your company is to see if you love it yourself! Chances are, if you love it yourself, your clients will too.

And when you select promotional giveaways for your business, select a colour that appeals to everyone and make sure your logo and information about your business is printed on the product. If you purchase the items in large quantities, you should make sure that you get the total cost to be as cheap as possible.

By gifting items free to potential customers, you can expand your customer database and sales.  Attracting customers this way can be very easy and effective, if you take the time and effort to plan and execute this marketing strategy correctly.


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