24 January 2020

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Classified Ads:The Best Way to Reach Your Target Audience

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Most commonly used to advertise job openings and estate sales, classifieds ads have their own place in advertising. May be that is the only section of a publication--with the exception of crossword puzzles--that people read with active engagement. As a way for buyers on a budget to search for home furnishings, used cars and other equipment for sale, classified ads are a great way to get people to visit your store.

When deciding whether to use classified advertising in your marketing strategy, you must consider the merits of each publication. Choose the publication that can reach your target market. And before making any decision also try to know the publication's circulation figures, specific demographics reached, frequency of publication; week, month or year and where the issues are purchased. Once you determine which publications will be best for you, contact the publication's advertising departments and ask for a business-classified rate sheet. This contact information can be found on the inside cover or in the first few pages of all magazines. A call to the newspapers will get you the rate information you need.

Besides the print version, you can also buy classifieds in the online versions of most of the publications. For both, you need to have a great headline-something that's eye-catching and that evokes the reader’s curiosity--and a line or two that provides clear information as to what you sell or the service you provide.

And here are a few tips on how to write a cool classified ad online/off line.You should spend most of your time developing a solid headline. When writing a headline, you should use the obvious attention snatchers such as ‘Great Deals’ ‘Limited Time Offer’ and ‘While Supplies Last’ to create a sense of urgency. Just remember the headline is going to be what sells the rest of the advertisement so with a weak headline you are going to struggle to get any results. Once you have got a catchy headline you need to make sure that your body copy is just as good as the headline. Tell your readers why they should act now and what they will lose out on if they don't go for the deal. And let the body copy also make your readers feel like they are the last people in the world to experience your product and services.

Make more ads. Test them against each other, then change the lower performing ones, replace them with a better and more effective ad. Continue to do this until you find the perfect classified ad as that can run day in and day out pulling the desired results for your business.  No matter whether you're a first-time advertiser or a classified ad veteran, it's a good idea to compose several versions of your ad and then place those different ads in separate publications to see which ones get the best response. 


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