Tips to Boost Your Forum Marketing Techniques


Forum marketing is one of the best ways to market your small business. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your forum marketing is effective. This article puts light on how to easily find and target your forums, how to answer peoples' questions effectively creating a click-attracting signature and how to really promote your business with intelligent posts.

The first step to initiate your forum marketing is finding your forum. I recommend you to becoming a member of more than one forum. For you'll want to have a large presence on one forum and having an awareness built on the other ones. Not all forums are worth your time. Successful forum marketing means finding the right community for your business. Look for popular forums that cover your business. When you look for the right forum, keep the following in your mind:

 • Look for forums that have at least 1,000 members and  around10,000 posts
• Make sure the forum gets at least ten to fifteen new posts on a daily basis
• Ignore forums that are overrun by spam
• Select forum that matches your niche

Once you decide which forum to join, let’s do a bit of research. Look through the posts, and see how many posts people have. And try to find out which posts have the most responses, and what makes those posts effective and impressive.

After having an overview of the forum, you wish to introduce yourself saying some uber cool and chick intro. like, "Hi, I'm pretty cool and I thought I could help some people out. So here I am …etc. etc." Your introductory post should have a brief description of your expertise and an explanation on why you joined the forum. Let the other users know that your main goal is to contribute to and learn from the community. Do not make any marketing pitches in your first post. Now that you have your first post, start your active participation with a ‘this is how I would solve it attitude’. Be honest, and give great value - hold nothing back. If you can explain yourself quickly, that's great. But if you need to give a larger explanation - then give one.

Build credibility with the participants of your selected forum by contributing to the conversation in a helpful and productive manner. Remember nothing is worst than being known as a spammer. So stay away from spamming and contribute your knowledge and help others in the forum. After establishing yourself, you need to create a signature line. This usually consists of two to three lines of text that show up on every post you make. Look at the other posts in the forum for examples of signature lines that are appropriate for the board. Typically, the best signature line for marketing purposes is one that contains your name, a brief tag line, and a link to your website/blog.

Once you have earned the respect of the users you can start more aggressive marketing campaigns. Focus on marketing techniques that provide a benefit for the forum community. For example, offer the forum members special discounts, free samples, or fun contests. Be sure to get the permission of the forum's moderators before you start these campaigns. Effective forum marketing means that it is a part of your long-term strategy. Think of forums as a permanent marketing channel for your business, instead of just one of many targets to blast your hot new advertising campaign.

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